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Siemer’s Class

In Señora Siemer´s class we use the OWL teaching and learning method. This is a revolutionary new methodology, developed by our own Darcy Rogers of the Crater Renaissance Academy, which is taking world language classrooms to the next level all over the United States and abroad!

What is the Organic World Language (OWL) Teaching Method?

OWL is a kinesthetic immersion world language teaching methodology in which students are participatory and engaged 100% of class time. OWL students out-perform all other language students on both standardized exams (for example the Oral Proficiency Interview given by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language) and college credits earned (through Southern Oregon University’s High School Proficiency Program).

Why OWL and Immersion?

  • OWL decompartmentalizes language which mimics the way people actually learn a language – when the information is relevant, repetitive, engaging and motivating
  • OWL helps students recognize cues in language and extrapolate meaning from them. Students must be good guessers and figure out meaning of words from context instead of constantly going to a dictionary…just like in the real world!
  • Immersion is about providing lots of comprehensible input and opportunities for authentic speech through a variety of activities that keep moving, have a purpose and have a tangible objective.
  • “If you hear something, you retain 10 percent of the information. If you read something, you retain 20 percent. But if you experience something, you retain more than 70 percent of what you’ve learned.”


BIS Spanish students average between 12 and 20 college credits after our Advanced Spanish courses and they get these credits for work they already completed in high school!

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