September 30, 2014

Warm Up: Blog Post (below)


  1. Sign-up for Pen Pal News:
      • Go to and click on the “Student Sign Up” button at the top of the screen
      • Enter your class code:  ilCiQP4T
      • Enter a name, username and password.  That’s it – no email address or other personal info is required
  2. Work Sample: get all four articles, read prompt, work on work sample.
  3. Internship Interest Survey (passed around)

Current Assignments:

  • Research the business you signed up for and edit Interview Script to reflect business you’ll be interviewing (edited script due tomorrow at the BEGINNING of class) (Student Business Sign-up)
  • Into Thin Air Vocabulary Analysis – get yours done for your assigned due date
  • Chapters 9-10: Read and do logs (due tomorrow)
  • Chapters 11-12: Read and do logs (due Friday)


  • INTERNATIONAL TRIP GOERS (Seniors AND Juniors): You can go to Walking Tree and register for our trip!!! No payment required until December 19 for the seniors.
  • October 14: CIS FIELD TRIP!!! (Gone 9 am to 6ish pm) Permission slips due by October 3.
  • First Outdoor Adventure: Hiking Sky Lakes, October 4
  • Want to go on an amazing end-of-the-year trip???  Perhaps Jetboating for free???
    • 1 point possible for going to the girl’s soccer game today at 7 pm
    • 1 point possible for wearing a flannel shirt for Fall Flannel Friday

One thought on “September 30, 2014”

  1. Maurice Wilson story about climbing Everest strikes me the most. Wilson had a theory that climbing Everest would publicize his beliefs that the myriad ills of humankind could be cured through a combination of fasting and faith in the powers of God. (Pg.93) Wilson I think would be considered a dreamer in my perspective because he had a goal/dream and he was set out to reach it. Pete Schoening, I believe was the biggest kook because he was almost sixty-nine and was climbing Everest. He is a pretty old man and still took the risk. (Pg.95)

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