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  1. Mt. Everest is approximately 29,030 feet and is located on the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal, near the Tibet, China border. People are drawn to the fact that its the tallest mountain in the world, and because its not something that most people ever do. Many people have said that If you climb the mountain the chances of you returning back are slim to none. I personally feel that its your personal decision to climb the mountain and no one should hold back on anyone to complete their aspirations. I think that Krakauer should take the job, to write about Everest because its not something that people have knowledge about and want to indulge in personal experiences of what Everest is really like.

  2. 2. Climbing Everest has been an attractive, almost surreal, goal for many climbers. Based on the text, what makes this mountain so unique and admirable? What have critics said about the mountain over the years? Is it wise for people to attempt reaching the summit, and should Krakauer himself have taken the job with Outside to write an article on an expedition? Explain.

    I believe Everest is unique and admirable not because of just the sheer size, but the danger and mystery that comes with climbing it. If Krakauer didn’t want to take the Everest job he wouldn’t have to. He took it for a reason either to feel the exhilaration of being on the “roof of the world” and for the danger and excitement that comes with it.

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