November 17, 2014


  • Put your self-selected book response sheet on the front table.
  • Review Travel Magazine rubric before finishing your project today. (Travel Magazine Rubric)


  • Work to complete your magazine (details still below) which is DUE TOMORROW BY MIDNIGHT.

Current Assignments:

  • Magazine
    • Required pages include:
      • Cover Page
      • Letter from the Editor (with an optional photo of you)
      • Table of Contents
      • Dream Trip Itinerary
      • Dream Trip Evaluation
      • Mapa del país del viaje de tus sueños (Spanish students only)
      • Escritura sobre el mapa (Spanish 2 and Spanish 3-4 have different requirements for this page)
      • International Travel Article
      • Local Tourism Article
      • Self-selected Book Review / Advertisement
    • Extra page options (Spanish students, pick one. Non-Spanish students, pick three.)

      • 1 page book advertisement for Into Thin Air or your self-selected book
      • 1 page of fictitious advertisements appropriate to your topics
      • 1 page of a photo-shop enhanced picture to accompany one of your articles (enhancement related to article)
      • 1 page of your choice, get prior approval from Sullivan or Siemer


  • Don’t forget the Work Party tonight in the tech center from 4-7 pm.  Free pizza.  Last opportunity of the trimester to get caught up outside of class!
  • Internship tomorrow. Don’t forget your purple paper from the binder.
  • Costa Rica trip meeting – Sullivan, her room
  • Exhibition make-up presentations, Wednesday at lunch, CIS room, must sign up in advance if you absolutely cannot make Exhibitions Thursday night.

8 thoughts on “November 17, 2014”

  1. Despre domnul CÄrȃup™or poate mai È™tie ceva domnul primar, doar erau prieteni buni când domnul Leoranu a fost la PSD câțiva ani buni . Sau poate când primarul a trecut la PDL, È™i-a uitat vechii prieteni …

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  3. commentateurs : si je devais expliciter ce que j’ai écrit plus haut, alors j’aurais mieux fait de me contenter d’écrire seulement deux phrases ou de renvoyer plus simplement à la floppée de critiques qui ont soit assassiné soit défendu cette pièce. A chacun d’interpréter librement – c’est le lieu, et c’est le jeu – les lignes ci-dessus et aussi les photos !

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