Raisin Blog #2– Predictions

Many of the dreams of the Younger family have fallen apart. Beneatha’s educational goals may not be reality, Walter’s business venture fell apart, and now Mr. Lindner is on his way to the Younger home, potentially to purchase their new house from them. What do you predict will happen to the members of the Younger family? Choose one character and explain the fate of this individual using details and clues from the play.

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  1. I think that the fate of Beneatha has been dramatically changed because mama has decided to spend her money on a new house. Now Beneatha has no way to pay for her college. Since her family is very poor, they will not be able to assist her in her college fees. I think that if she wont be able to pay for college then she wont be able to become a doctor and may have to stay with her family or even move back to Africa with George.

    1. I thought it was a bad decision for Walter to spend all of money for him and not save a dime for Beneatha, that shows that Walter is selfish .

    2. I most definitely don’t agree with you. I think that Beneatha is going to go to college, and continue her education ,even if she is going to be in debt.

  2. I think the Youngers will continue to move into the white neighborhood ignoring the huge risk that they are taking. They possible could get bombed if they move in or something else could happen.I believe that Walter will continue to drink himself to death.

    1. I completely disagree with you response! Why would you think that!! Do you not think that Walter can maybe do one thing right in his life.

    2. I highly doubt that Walter will drink himself to death, but it doesn’t sound too far fetched. Walter actually seems really depressed lately.

      1. I agree. Walter who once was obsessed with drinking may go back to his nasy habits and destroy himself and his family.

    3. I don’t think they should risk moving to the white neighborhood mainly because they will risk all of their lives if their house gets bombed.

  3. I think that Beneatha will decide to move to Africa with Asagai. Every time he talks about Africa, she follows right along with him, and she changed her hair because he didn’t like it straightened, and he challenges her intellectually, so it makes sense that she would marry him and move to Africa

    1. I think so too. There is no way she can pay for college fees at this point, and it seems like she would rather marry for love than money, meaning that George would be out of the picture.

  4. my prediction is that Walter will get the money from the house and get more money out of it and they will be able to buy a new house and still have money four schooling and maybe another liquor store.

    1. I agree with most of your prediction. I think that walter will have to choose between the liquor store or Beneatha’s schooling.

  5. I think that Walter is going to sell the house for more then they bought it for and then give the extra money to Beneatha for he schooling. Walter will then buy the family a different house in a safer neighborhood.

    1. I agree with this. After what happened with all that money that Lena gave Walter I think he definitely feels that he owes Beneatha and the family.

    2. I agree! That’s what I’m thinking will happen too. Walter seemed really interested in selling the house and might be able to convince the family.

  6. I think that the fate of Beneatha’s has drastically changed because, she now does not have any money for college to become a doctor.

  7. I think Mr. Linder will give them the money for their house and more, then they will have enough money again for a new home and possible enough for Walters investment.

  8. I believe that Walter will end up selling the house to Mr. Lindner to get a good amount of cash back. That way they can still live in their small apartment and still have plenty of cash to keep the family going for a while. Walter, having another failed dream, will probably continue to get worse and go to the bar more often. Maybe he will sober up instead and find another house for them to live in.

  9. I feel like something good might happen with the money that the Youngers get back from Mr. Lindner. Maybe they will find a way to actually invest in something that they can continue to get money back from. I think that Walter may actually come up with a good plan for the family, because he seems to be the biggest dreamer in the family.

  10. I think that Walter’s faith has been changed because his dream of owning his own liquor store is now impossible.

    1. I disagree with you. If they take the money the people are offering them they can have way more then they had. Then they can invest in the liquor store.

  11. I think Beneatha will take up the offer she got from Joseph. There is no way she can pay for college now, being as they have no money left. This would mean that she would have to drop out of college. However, she does seem interested in Nigerian culture, so I believe that she will go to Nigeria with Joseph.

  12. Walter…Walter…Walter…Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…And COMPLETELY REDEEM YOURSELF! He lost all of the money from him and Beneatha, but now he called Mr. Lindner and is going to try to take the money to not move in. He is going to completely redeem himself and make things right for the family. He might invest in his own idea, or buy a better house, the options are endless.

    1. Several tears were shed in the reading of this. You have completely changed my outlook on this book and my life. You have made me want to become a butterfly when before i was a caterpillar.

  13. Based on what happened to Mr. Younger I predict that he will try to fulfill his dreams in one last ditch attempt. Ultimately he will fail in this endeavor and it will be as if the money never existed.

  14. I think that Walter will start drinking again and just go down hill from there. Their marriage will fall apart and Walter will end up on his own. The rest of the family will live as they have been for years.

    1. I second that as a fees-able outcome because Walter has never been on record ever for being responsible

  15. I feel as if the younger family is going to separate
    benie is going to move to africa
    walter and his wife and kid will move out and
    grandma will stay at home.

    1. I feel that Ruth and Walter would not just abandon Mama since she has been the head of the family for so long. Also she is getting to the point of age where she will not be able to work and will need someone to provide for her.

  16. I think that Walter will talk to Mr. Lindner and for some reason Mr. Lindner will decline his previous offer and they will some how not get the house as well as not get compensation with the previous deal that Mr. Lindner has offered them. I think this because of Mr. Lindner’s personality. He seems like a guy who would find loop wholes to his deals and then end up scamming them.

    1. I also have a feeling that that will happened because walter was very rude to him when he showed up the first time but then again i feel like he will still do it because they don’t want black people in their community.

  17. I think the mama wants to keep the house and not let Mr. Linder buy it from them.
    I also think that everyone may talk about it and agree that they should let Mr. Linder buy the house so they can have money since Walter lost all their money.
    I think Benetha will leave with Joseph and he will take care of her and let her start off fresh.

    1. Do you think Beneatha would be happier with Joseph in Nigeria then becoming a doctor in the United States?

  18. I think that when Mr. Linder comes to talk to the Youngers, Walter will not think twice and take his offer of buying the house because Walter will think its best for the family just like investing in the liquor store was best for the family.

    1. I agree because all Walter really thinks about is money and he’s not going to turn down an offer that will make him more money.

  19. My prediction of Beneatha will be of getting money for college from the money Walter will get back from the house. She will graduate and go to college and lead a successful life, though living in bad conditions.

  20. My prediction is that they will take the money from the house because its really their only option and Walter will invest in something that will work out for the family.

  21. I feel as if Mama is heart broken due to the outrageous thing Walter did because it has put their family into a deep dept again and its a coward feeling asking for Mr. Lindner to re buy their house after they had already turned them down in the first place.

    1. Then again they might not have much of a choice to take the money offered. The only way for them to finish payments on the house is if Ruth starts to work, but she is about to have a baby and will already have too many things to do.

    2. i agree with you because it was mama who said that she wanted walter to be in in charge of the money, and he blew his chance with everyone

  22. I predict that The Youngers will take the offer the Mr. Lindner gave them. I think that Mama will purchase a different house with the money that they will receive from Mr. lindner. Maybe somewhere with a yard, so that she would be able to plant a garden.

  23. I think that Walter is going to get the money back. He’ll then give it back to Mama, and Mama will give it to Bennie for medical school.

    1. This is a good thought and i think it might happen so they can restart with the money and do what they should of done in the first place, sent beneatha to college.

    2. I honestly doubt that Walter will get the money and give to them. He will use it to makes other stupid choices like drinking and such. Maybe he’ll use it to abort the baby.

  24. So far, the only one that has been able to stop Walter from doing what he wants is Mama. Seeing as how Mama wanted to not move once she realized the money was all gone, I feel that Walters decision to sell the house to Mr. Linder will follow through. Mama would not hold him back, and Ruth and Beneatha have no power to tell Walter what to do, since he does not listen to him.
    As for Beneatha, I feel that she will take Joseph up on his offer to move to Africa. Her college money is now down the drain, and she still wishes to become a doctor. Joseph will possibly help her with her dream, thus earning Beneatha’s choice in favor of moving with him to Africa

    1. I also agree with this. Good observation on all of the characters. I think that Mr. Lindner will follow through as well.

  25. I feel that Walter will get Mr. Lindner to buy the house that they just put money on and get most of the money back that he lost in the first place. If this does happen I think that Walter will be more happy and not as depressed about loosing the money. He is very depressed about loosing the money because he was trying to help the family and he got ripped off by one of his friends, so hopefully it works out for him and he figures it out. If they do get the money the family could be taken care of and not be as stressed about money like they were.

    1. I agree because Mr. Linder suggested that they not move into Clyborn anyway because it is a white neighborhood

  26. Walter kind of screwed beneatha over and lost all her college funds I think walter will take the money from selling the house and putting it into beneatha college education!!

  27. I think that Beneatha will decide to move to Africa with Asagai since she wont be able to pursue her college dreams. I also think the youngers family will end up staying in the white neighborhood in the end.

    1. Good prediction, but she didn’t seem too keen on going to Africa because she is so determined on becoming a doctor.

  28. I think that Walter is going to flip out and start drinking and then I think Ruth is going to leave Walter and take the children. And I think Beneatha is going to move to Africa with Asagi and start working as a doctor there.

  29. I believe that Walter will get the money from selling the house, and he will use the money to pay for Beneatha’s education. In doing this he will redeem himself but at the same time the relationships within the family will slowly crumble once again. The tension will once again become too much to handle in this small house. I also think that Walter will start drinking again.

    1. I don’t think that the family should trust him with any of the money because of what happened last time. They should give the money straight to Beneatha instead of taking a chance and putting Walter in charge of it.

  30. Beneatha’s dreams of going to college are destroyed due to Walter being irresponsible with the money that mama put him in charge of. Also Walter is not going to be able to invest in the liquor store that he wanted to because his “friend” took all of his money and ran away with it. The Youngers are going to have to find a way to survive again. They had enough to buy a house and to make sure that every one is comfortable with where they were going to be. Now they have to find out what Mr. Linder is going to say, when he comes over to talk to the Youngers.

  31. I believe that the Younger family will sell their house to Mr. Lindner and make money off of that. Then the family will purchase a house in a black community. They will have some money left over and Mama will give that to Beneatha for her education. She will not trust Walter again with her money. Beneatha with the money Mama gives her she will be able to go to college and become a doctor. She than later on will her out her family and they’ll end up living a better and financially stable life.

    1. Hello Melina,
      I also agree with you that the younger family will sell their house to Mr. Lindner and try to make a income from that investment. Moreover, the family will try their hardest to make Beneatha’s dreams a reality.

    2. I think this idea if great. This way they will get a new house and Beneatha will get money for her college. If Walter really wanted the liquor store he can now save up his own money and buy it that way.

  32. I believe that they will try to keep the house and if they cant i think they will give the money to Beneatha for college.

  33. If the Younger family decides to take the deal I think Walter will use the money to try to open the store again. Obviously the family will not allow him to use the money after they sell the house because last time they trusted him with money he lied to them and lost all of their money. It would still be smart for the family to move out of the white neighborhood because there is a good chance they will be attacked in that area.

    1. Hello Alex,
      I also agree with you that if the younger family receives the money from Mr. Lindner he will invest the money with not a right state of mind and gamble away the positive opportunities that the younger would have. The younger should use the money to rebuild their apartment and fund Beneatha’s future. But it is very unlikely that this would occur.

  34. I think what will happen is Beneatha will still attend school to soon become a doctor. I think the Youngers will move to the white neighborhood and not let the risk or issues get to them and move for a positive transition for the family to have a positive bright future ahead of them

  35. I think Beneatha because asagai is trying to convince her to move to Africa with him. Asagi is trying to get her to move away from where she lives now so she can challenge her self.

  36. I predict that the family will argue and fight then Lindner will either offer them money for the house or the family will tell the guy to screw off. The ladies in the family seem to be the only ones with sense to save the money for the right reasons. I think IF the man offers them money, something may go wrong with it.

  37. I believe that Beneatha is going to continue with her education. She will be in debt, but i do believe she will become a doctor. She won’t go to Africa with George. The reason I say that this will be her fate is because she wants to be the one in the family who betters her life, and she wants to help her family and better their life as well. Mr. Linder is going to buy the house from them, and they will stay at their house that they are currently living in. The entire Youngers family will decide that Walter shouldn’t be the head of the family and will not be in charge of the money. I think they will have Beneatha be in charge of the fiances.

  38. The overall fate of Beneatha has been changed due to the fact that the youngers lost the money. Walter received a large sum of money from his mother which was $6500 dollars. Beneatha has been sad due to the fact that she knows she will not have the proper funds to obtain her dream of becoming a doctor and helping others. Overall I think that Beneatha will reconsider her plans and go to Africa with Asagai. Asagi has promised her a bright future with him and thus she will choose this option.

  39. I think the Youngers are going to end up moving to the house that Mama already bought. I also think that Beneatha is going to go to Africa with Asagai because she loves him and truly wants to be with him and she wants to explore the world and knows that the people in Africa could use her help for their medical needs.

  40. I feel as if Beneatha would try to get a job and save money to get what she wants and go to medical school. She would have the perseverance to overcome this situation and raise above it all.

  41. From Walter’s perspective i think everything is going to be fine. Since the people don’t want him and his family to move into their neighborhood he will take a lot more money from them. He will be able to get more than what he lost from Willi taking off with the money and be able to pay for Bene’s college. I think he learned his lesson and things will start to get better fot the Youngers.

  42. I think Walter will sell the house to Mr. Linder and maybe use the money to buy a different house in a safer neighborhood and pay for Beneathas schooling. Or maybe they will save the money and stay where they are.

    1. Yet they already don’t have enough room and there is a baby on the way. How will they have enough room to keep everyone there and be comfortable? I think it would be their best bet to move and save some of the money for Beneathas college.

  43. I think that the Youngers will try to keep the house even though they might be threatened,b and Beneatha might leave with Joseph back to Nigerea to start over.

  44. My prediction for the Younger family is that they will fall through the cracks. Mama has decided to buy the new house. I think when Mr. Linder comes the family might take the deal because the white people don’t want them in Clybourne Park. In the long run if everything goes as planned they can all get what they want (New house, liquor store, and college). Yet I think that somehow Walter will screw things up and none of it will work.

  45. I don’t think they will be able to hold on to the house in Clybourne park. I think that they will probably try to keep the house , but its just going to make things worse. I think that Beneatha may go to Africa with Joseph, but I think it more likely, judging from her past actions, she will probably try to get into med school even with the family’s money troubles.

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