October 8, 2014

Warm Up: ITA vocabulary practice (don’t forget to log in to get credit)


  1. National Honor Society presentation
  2. Read about our Caves field trip. Important notes: our tour will be LESS than 90 minutes because they made a personalized tour for our group, read what to bring/ not bring stuff, and be aware that it is moderately strenuous
  3. Tourism and Environment (web note taking)
  4. Resume – type up final error-free draft using template.  Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  Have a friend proofread yours! You WILL lose points for errors.
  5. Turn in Tourism and Culture outline notes and Tourism and Environment web notes together.

Current Assignments:

  • Turn in TED-Ed Permission Slip!
  • Into Thin Air Vocabulary Analysis – get yours done for your assigned due date
  • Chapters 15-16: Read and do logs (due today)
  • Chapters 17-20: Read and do logs (due Monday)


  • Hannah Monen is the first student to get a sponsorship check for the CR trip–$280 from Mystic Paso Fino Ranch. Woo hoo!
  • Need extra time to work? We are keeping this lab open after school on Thursdays for YOU! :)
  • College Trip: U of O & OSU. November 6 and 7 (Thursday and Friday).  All juniors should go; seniors should consider it!
  • INTERNATIONAL TRIP GOERS (Seniors AND Juniors): You can go to Walking Tree and register for our trip!!! No payment required until December 19 for the seniors. Sign up by October 17!
  • October 14: CIS FIELD TRIP to Oregon Caves and the Treehouses
  • Want to go on an amazing end-of-the-year trip???  Perhaps Jetboating for free???
    • 1 point possible for attending BIS Boys Soccer Tuesday night at 7 pm

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