October 20, 2014



  1. Turn in Caves Reflection.
  2. Sign thank you notes for Caves folks and Treehouse folks.
  3. Research a self-selected book to check out tomorrow.  Must be at your reading level.  Must have same location or similar theme to your Dream Trip country. For example, if you went to India you might read Nectar in a Sieve because it is set in India or you might read Kaffir Boy because it has a similar theme of colonial oppression / poverty.

Current Assignments:

  • Feature for guidebook is due Wednesday, at the beginning of Sullivan´s breakout.


  • Bring headphones for class tomorrow!
  • Internships: begin in two weeks.  You need a PERFECT PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHABLE resume before you seek a placement. Get them perfected and we’ll be talking about approaching a business later this week.  Master sign-up will be available beginning Tuesday.
  • Powderpuff Concessions – trip fundraising opportunity, 6:30-10 pm, Wednesday night
  • Lohman bracelets – $2, CMART, all proceeds go to Lohman
  • Señor Sams today!

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