October 2, 2014


Warm Up: ITA Vocabulary Practice – LOG IN OR ELSE 🙂 …you won’t get credit.


  1. Turn in TED-Ed Permission Slip!  Turn in Oregon Caves Permission Slip!  Turn in Character Analysis!
  2. Jill Layton – Guest Speaker.  Take notes while she speaks.
  3.  Layton Reflection

Current Assignments:

  • Sign-up for Pen Pal News
  • Homecoming blog (below)
  • Into Thin Air Vocabulary Analysis – get yours done for your assigned due date
  • Chapters 11-12: Read and do logs (due tomorrow)
  • Into Thin Air Quiz: Tomorrow


  • INTERNATIONAL TRIP GOERS (Seniors AND Juniors): You can go to Walking Tree and register for our trip!!! No payment required until December 19 for the seniors.
  • October 14: CIS FIELD TRIP!!! (Gone 9 am to 6ish pm) Permission slips due TOMORROW.
  • First Outdoor Adventure: THIS SATURDAY – Hiking Sky Lakes
  • Want to go on an amazing end-of-the-year trip???  Perhaps Jetboating for free???
    • 1 point possible for wearing a flannel shirt for Fall Flannel Friday
    • 1 point possible for attending BIS Volleyball night Tuesday at 7 pm

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