October 13, 2014

Do NOT log in. You will be moving to a new computer for today.
Warm Up:   Practice for working with freshman on Wednesday!


  1. Vote for homecoming (neonvibe)
      1. Enter his/her FIRST and LAST NAME.
      2. Entries with ONLY FIRST NAMES will NOT be counted. Entries with FALSE NAMES will NOT be counted. ALL DUPLICATE entries will NOT be counted.
      3. Please follow the directions closely. Choose only THREE girls and THREE boys — any additional selections will render the student’s entire vote invalid.
  2. Tourism and Challenges it Poses Around the World
    • Get your group from the list I will project.
    • Sit at adjacent computers.
    • Send a representative to draw your tourism-related problem.
    • Now that you have a tourism-related problem to tackle with your group, your first step is to research the topic to the best of your ability. Each person in your group is to find one article (no repeats within the group) to read and share. Suggested sites include CNN, BBC, etc.
    • Your job for today is to find the article and actively read it. Remember, this means you should highlight/ underline and make notes. Your focus should be important information that you want to share and questions you have for your group.
    • You will present the information from your article on to your group on Wednesday.

Current Assignments:

  • Interview your local business site by Wednesday!
  • Turn in TED-Ed Permission Slip.
  • Into Thin Air Vocabulary Analysis – get yours done for your assigned due date
  • Chapters 17-20: Read and do logs (due today)
  • Chapters 21- Epilogue: Read and do logs (due Wednesday)


  • Lohman update: Foster, Go Fund Me / Front office, and Banner
  • Field Trip: Tomorrow! Bring your lunch, a jacket and know that it might rain.
  • Need extra time to work? We are keeping this lab open after school on Thursdays for YOU! :)
  • College Trip: U of O & OSU. November 6 and 7 (Thursday and Friday).  All juniors should go; seniors should consider it!
  • INTERNATIONAL TRIP GOERS (Seniors AND Juniors): You can go to Walking Tree and register for our trip!!! No payment required until December 19 for the seniors. Sign up by October 17!
  • Want to go on an amazing end-of-the-year trip???  Perhaps Jetboating for free???
    • 1 point possible for attending BIS Boys Soccer Tuesday night at 7 pm

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