November 20, 2014



  • Review this evaluation form (evals). Have it pulled up on your screen, and grab your magazine. Find a partner. Then follow these steps:
    • Take turns explaining your magazines to each other.
    • Take about 5-10 minutes to review your partner’s magazine.
    • Tell your partner how you would score him/ her based on the evaluation form.
    • Return your magazine to the stand.
    • You will present your magazine and let your parent/ guest use the evaluation sheet tonight. You can present any time between 5 and 8 pm in Sullivan’s side of the room. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Complete week 4 Pen Pal News. Don’t worry if it looks like your previous responses have been deleted– we have your scores.

Current Assignments:

  • Spanish 2 extra credit people: meet with Siemer to practice for tonight
  • International food group: meet with Sullivan about tonight
  • Work Sample
  • Magazine
  • Call businesses for travel feature
  • Independent study people prepare for presenting (practice!)
  • Internship log / placements


  • South Africa group – your party will be December 3.  Make sure you’re prepared. (Hannah Monen, Julie, Shelby, Balie, Brandon B., Daniel, Jason, Brooke)
  • Independent Study presentations, Sullivan’s breakout TODAY both breakout sessions.  (Irigoyen, Johnson, McCoy, Monen, Oswald, Potuzakova, Silva and Tracy). You will present twice!

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