November 19, 2014


  • Put your internship reflection and log on the front table
  • Check your grade. If you…
    • have a zero for the tourism guidebook feature, turn it in!
    • have a zero for the work sample and were absent or didn’t finish last Friday, let Sullivan know and do this today.
    • have a zero for the work sample and completed it on Friday, see Sullivan.


  • Complete week 4 Pen Pal News. Don’t worry if it looks like your previous responses have been deleted– we have your scores.
  • Finish answers for PSA worksheets and turn them in when you finish. Give them to Sullivan.
  • If you are turning in your magazine late and are not finished, finish!

Current Assignments:

  • Magazine
    • Required pages include:
      • Cover Page
      • Letter from the Editor (with an optional photo of you)
      • Table of Contents
      • Dream Trip Itinerary
      • Dream Trip Evaluation
      • Mapa del país del viaje de tus sueños (Spanish students only)
      • Escritura sobre el mapa (Spanish 2 and Spanish 3-4 have different requirements for this page)
      • International Travel Article
      • Local Tourism Article
      • Self-selected Book Review / Advertisement
    • Extra page options (Spanish students, pick one. Non-Spanish students, pick three.)

      • 1 page book advertisement for Into Thin Air or your self-selected book
      • 1 page of fictitious advertisements appropriate to your topics
      • 1 page of a photo-shop enhanced picture to accompany one of your articles (enhancement related to article)
      • 1 page of your choice, get prior approval from Sullivan or Siemer
  • PSA worksheet due in Sullivan’s breakout TODAY


  • South Africa group – your party will be December 3.  Make sure you’re prepared. (Hannah Monen, Julie, Shelby, Balie, Brandon B., Daniel, Jason, Brooke)
  • Independent Study presentations, Sullivan’s breakout Thursday, both breakout sessions.  (Irigoyen, Johnson, McCoy, Monen, Oswald, Potuzakova, Silva and Tracy). You will present twice!
  • Exhibition make-up presentations, TODAYat lunch, CIS room, must sign up in advance if you absolutely cannot make Exhibitions Thursday night. See Siemer.

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