November 14, 2014


  • If you went on the college trip, please complete this survey.
  • Play this game to get ready to improve your work sample!
  • Put your book review / advertisement on the front table.


  • Premier Jewelry people, see Siemer second period today!
  • Work Sample: get off the front table, check marks are your weaknesses, looking at the check marks, pull up your original copy and make any appropriate changes.  This is a writing post test, so make sure you are producing high quality work (do your best).  Your grade will reflect improvements from your first copy to your second copy.  When complete, print off a second copy and attach to the first copy.  Place on the front table and complete other agenda items.
  • Spanish students, complete the map for your Spanish page.

Current Assignments:

  • Correct 3 articles and insert approved (by Siemer or Sullivan) cover page and 3 articles in magazine today.
    • Required pages include:
      • Cover Page
      • Letter from the Editor (with an optional photo of you)
      • Table of Contents
      • Dream Trip Itinerary
      • Dream Trip Evaluation
      • Mapa del país del viaje de tus sueños (Spanish students only)
      • Escritura sobre el mapa (Spanish 2 and Spanish 3-4 have different requirements for this page)
      • International Travel Article
      • Local Tourism Article
      • Self-selected Book Review / Advertisement
    • Extra page options (Spanish students, pick one. Non-Spanish students, pick three.)

      • 1 page book advertisement for Into Thin Air or your self-selected book
      • 1 page of fictitious advertisements appropriate to your topics
      • 1 page of a photo-shop enhanced picture to accompany one of your articles (enhancement related to article)
      • 1 page of your choice, get prior approval from Sullivan or Siemer
  • Type up your book review / advertisement.
  • Make sure Siemer´s Internship Master List is correct – if not, it could affect your grade and attendance!Complete Pen Pal News, Week 3.  Due tomorrow.
  • Response sheet for self-selected book due Monday.
  • Correct your tourism guidebook feature and e-mail it as an attachment along with a picture that represents the business to Mrs. Sullivan ASAP. MAKE SURE you have permission from the business before you send it– you need permission to include them and to use the picture.
  • Website Banner – continue working on it


  • Jewelry party TONIGHT!  6 pm, Siemer and Sullivan´s room – bring a friend and make some money!
  • Students who want to make international food for Exhibition night, see Sullivan.

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