November 12, 2014


  • If you went on the college trip, please complete this survey.
  • Grade Check: please pull up your Synergy, review your grades, make a list of things to complete and submit for CIS (and other classes).  Things that are more than a week late but that you can still turn in CIS are your resume, Dream Trip Itinerary, Feature on a Local Business for the guidebook, Commas 1 Quiz retake, Run-Ons Corrections Quiz retake, Point of View Quiz retake, Modes of Writing Quiz retake.
    • Retakes can be done Friday at lunch.  This is your last chance.
  • Turn in your Letter From the Editor
  • ¡Feliz Cumpleaños a Brandon!


  • Make sure Siemer´s Internship Master List is correct – if not, it could affect your grade and attendance!
  • Create 12 page Publisher magazine (follow along with Siemer, please) See magazine example.
    • If you have an approved magazine cover, you can insert it now.
      • If you are in Spanish 2 or 3/4, you will get details on your 2 pages today in Spanish class.  Choose one additional option.
      • If you are not in Spanish, you will need to select an additional two options to fill those 2 pages.  Choose three total additional options.
      • Additional options:
        • 1 page book advertisement for Into Thin Air or your self-selected book
        • 1 page of fictitious advertisements appropriate to your topics
        • 1 page of a photo-shop enhanced picture to accompany one of your articles (enhancement related to article)
        • 1 page of your choice, get prior approval from Sullivan or SiemerExtra pages
  • Type up your book review / advertisement

Current Assignments:

  • Complete Pen Pal News, Week 3.  Due Friday.
  • Book review / advertisement due Friday, beginning of class.
  • Response sheet for self-selected book due Monday.
  • Correct your tourism guidebook feature and e-mail it as an attachment along with a picture that represents the business to Mrs. Sullivan ASAP. MAKE SURE you have permission from the business before you send it– you need permission to include them and to use the picture.
  • Website Banner – continue working on it


  • SENIORS: Read the BIS announcements re: Herff Jones, Six Flags trip, ASVAB, and scholarships (free money, baby!).

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