November 10, 2014


  • Sit with your ORIGINAL Tourism Group Challenges group
  • If you went on the college trip, please complete this survey.
  • Turn in: Final Resume, Dream Trip Evaluation, International Travel, and Local Tourism.  Make 4 piles.
  • Make sure Siemer´s Internship Master List is correct – if not, it could affect your grade and attendance!


  • Tourism Group Challenge
    • Get with your original tourism group of 4
    • Get your CIS Tourism Group Challenges handout from Siemer
    • Working with your group mates, you need to do the following:
      1. Share your 3 goals with your group mates
      2. Share your summary with your group mates
      3. Work with your group mates to come up with a solution to your tourism challenge which meets the needs of all four stakeholders in your group.
      4. Write up the solution with each person in your group contributing one of the pieces: an introduction to your problem, solution overview,  logistics and details, detail how your solution meets the needs of each stakeholder and conclusion.  Communicating with your group members as you write will be ESSENTIAL as your document needs to flow and make sense.  Combine each person’s piece into one document, make sure each person’s name is on their piece, print and give to Siemer. (CIS Tourism Group Challenge Final Solution Instructions)

Current Assignments:

  • Begin Pen Pal News, Week 3.  Due Friday.
  • Write the Letter From the Editor for your magazine.  Due Wednesday.
  • Finalize magazine cover.  Get final approval from Siemer.
  • Read your self-selected book and complete response sheet.
  • Correct your tourism guidebook feature and e-mail it as an attachment along with a picture that represents the business to Mrs. Sullivan ASAP. MAKE SURE you have permission from the business before you send it– you need permission to include them and to use the picture.
  • Website Banner – continue working on it


  • Open Lab: Tech Center 4-8 pm TODAY.  Take advantage of this opportunity! 🙂  7 school days left this trimester!
  • Internships: Remember you NEED to find an internship by TOMORROW or you will have weekly alternate assignments and only be able to get a maximum of 70% credit on the internship portion of your CIS grade.  We need the following from you BEFORE you begin your internship:
    • Transpophoto
    • Internship Contract
    • D6 Legal Agreement
    • Purple Internship Log & Reflection
  • Walking Tree sign-up

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