May 26, 2015


  • Congratulate Walter– he is a track state champ! Woot woot!
  • Check out this current event re: Gatsby
  • FYI: Siemer & Sully gone today.  Sinks subbing 2nd, Kostman subbing for Sullivan 3rd and Noon for Siemer.
  • Independent Study students – Oral Final day.  Pick a topic from the list and record yourself talking about that topic using the guidelines on the final exam schedule I gave you.  Submit the video via email or Google Drive.  Remember to consider both quality and quantity.
  • Load your pics from the field trip into the P drive. Go to handins-BIS-CIS-Poverty&Inequality Field Trip. Save them with your team name first and then the location you’re at in the picture.


  • Juniors – work top down on this list during second and third period. 2nd period – large side of the TC, 3rd period – Siemer’s room
    •  Work on your 1 page Spanish article.  Do NOT use a dictionary or translator.  Remember, the template (after you type and spell check in Word) is in your email.  Print what you have, double spaced, by the end of second period today.
    • Turn in the following three items at the beginning of class on Wednesday:
      • Outline of your 1 minute video speech including a fun transition
      • Printed excel charts and graphs (at least 2 different types of graphs, representing the information appropriately and well titled)
      • 1 paragraph explanation of how you will share the data from your graphs in an engaging way in the Call to Action Video
    • Begin donation letter 
  • Seniors – 2nd period – large side TC, 3rd period – Sully’s room
    • Your final written copy of your Visionary Commencement Address is due today!!!  Print and hand in by the end of CIS today.
    • Practice speeches (get up and give your speech to AT LEAST three other seniors!)

Current Assignments

  • Seniors– Gatsby test TODAY! ALL juniors need to go to Sullivan’s side of the fishbowl to take the test today.
  • Juniors– Gatsby test on June 3rd
  • We’ll have a celebration on Friday. The party people are Andres, Brandon S., Fawn, Walter, Bob, Melina, Selena, and Alex. You don’t have to plan activities– only food and drink. Meet and decide on your contributions!


  • Everyone meet in the fishbowl on Wednesday for senior speeches
  • Seniors will all speak at the assembly on Thursday about your future plans.  Make it appropriate…re: Slaughter!
  • Academy Junior Counselor— consider participating!
  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.

Breakout Schedule

  • Tuesday: 1 hour Spanish II
  • No breakouts Wednesday
  • Thursday: 30/30
  • No breakouts Friday

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