May 18, 2015


  • Seniors: Send your baby or high school photos and post-high school plans to Jenn Pickerill by Tuesday
  • Juniors: Grab a snack and wait for you papers to be delivered to you!


  • Seniors – work on Great Gatsby and your speeches
  • Juniors– Review scripts, SBAC Performance Task

Current Assignments

  • GG, Chapter 8 – due TUESDAY
  • GG, Chapter 9 – due THURSDAY with completed packet
  • Gatsby test next Tuesday!
  • Corrected compare/ contrast essays due by Friday– last chance for credit!
  • Juniors– corrected Raisin scripts due by next Friday– grades will be averaged!


  • Rashida– go to the office 🙂
  • Julie– take senior survey
  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.
  • Open Labs: Last one is on Thursday!

Breakout Schedule

  • Mon– Jun testing 2nd-3rd/ Sen have Spanish and work time
  • Tues– Jun testing 2nd/ Spanish 3rd and   Sen Spanish 2nd/ English 3rd

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