May 12, 2015


  • Turn in your corrected Compare and Contrast essay.
  • Turn in your survey regarding your Visionary Organization.
  • Seniors: Send your baby or high school photos and post-high school plans to Jenn Pickerill!!
  • Seniors: please respond to this survey (secret word: senior)


  • Seniors – work on GG
  • Juniors: Look over this practice PT test with a partner before the real thing tomorrow. Click on G11 ELA Performance Task. After looking it over, DISCUSS with your partner and CREATE two or more questions that you have about it. Bring these to Sully’s breakout!
  • Sully will go over your surveys with you today

Current Assignments

  • GG, Chapter 6 – due today
  • GG, Chapter 7 – due Friday with completed packet
  • Marshall Island party people (Katie, Irina, Emily, Trenton, Bryan, Tyler) – get ready to celebrate this Friday!


  • Juniors: SBAC PT begins TOMORROW – make sure you’re here, well rested, and ready to rock!
  • Schacher and McIntosh – Get your Bajo la Misma Estrella book in today so I don’t have to charge you for it, please.
  • Seniors– head to the fishbowl tomorrow at the start of class.
  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.
  • Open Labs:

    May 12

    May 14

    May 21

Breakout Schedule

  • Tuesday: 30/30
  • Wednesday: juniors testing, seniors with Siemer
  • Thursday: juniors testing, seniors with Siemer
  • Friday: Spanish 3/4 2nd period

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