May 11, 2015


  • Feliz Cumple Abbi
  • Seniors: please respond to this survey (secret word: senior)
  • Turn in your outline from your research about a Visionary Orgnization


  • Compare & Contrast essay corrections – if you don’t have a grade on the rubric, you need to correct your errors and resubmit your essay tomorrow
  • Surveying Skills
    • Read this site about how to create a successful survey
    • Create a 3-5 question survey, including both structured and non-structured questions
    • Purpose of survey is to ascertain high school student perspective re: the issue your organization is supporting/combating…
      • Are students aware of the issue?  If so, what knowledge do they currently have?
      • Do students care about the issue?
      • Are students aware of your organization and what it does?
      • Do students have opinions regarding this organization’s mission or its resolution?
    • Closely proofread your survey, have a friend proofread it (on your screen) then print and turn it in.  Due at the beginning of second period tomorrow.

Current Assignments

  • GG, Chapter 5 – due today
  • GG, Chapter 6 – due tomorrow
  • GG, Chapter 7 – due Friday with completed packet
  • Marshall Island party people (Katie, Irina, Emily, Trenton, Bryan, Tyler) – get ready to celebrate next Friday, May 15


  • Juniors: SBAC PT begins on Wednesday – make sure you’re here, well rested, and ready to rock!
  • Schacher and McIntosh – Get your Bajo la Misma Estrella book in today so I don’t have to charge you for it, please. \
  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.
  • Open Labs:

    May 12

    May 14

    May 21

Breakout Schedule

  • Monday: 30/30
  • Tuesday: 30/30
  • Wednesday: juniors testing, seniors with Siemer
  • Thursday: juniors testing, seniors with Siemer
  • Friday: Spanish 3/4 2nd period

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