June 4, 2015


  • Head to the fishbowl– we’re going to organize the finale for our video!
  • Practice your script for the video! We’re doing a run through today!


  • Run through of video
  • When you are NOT doing the video, type up your donation letter!

Current Assignments

  • If you still want to improve Act 4 scripts to perfection, you can turn them in up to TOMORROW. Make sure to proofread VERY closely so there aren’t any mistakes. Format according to the sample on the back of the rubric.


  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.
  • Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Get your free donut from the BIS Board before school tomorrow in the courtyard!

Breakout Schedule

  • 1hr Spanish Thur & Fri

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