June 2, 2015



  • Report to Mrs. Huggins’ room.
  • OIT Make Up: Choose the college you are most interested in attending after your Crater experience. Write a 5+ paragraph essay comparing and contrasting your potential school to OIT. Make sure your essay is based on research, and include a Works Cited page.

Current Assignments

  • Spanish II– finish your articles! Make sure you use pg. 2 of the template Mrs. Siemer sent you. ONLY after you have spell-checked, made corrections, and had a friend proofread, e-mail your FINAL draft to Mrs. Siemer. It is due by 10:05 am on Wednesday. You can change the layout, but do not change font size or add pictures to make up for lack of content!
  • Gatsby test on Wednesday– study!
  • If you still want to improve Act 4 scripts to perfection, you can turn them in up to Friday. Make sure to proofread VERY closely so there aren’t any mistakes. Format according to the sample on the back of the rubric.
  • Memorize your Call to Action script! We will do our first REAL run-through on Wednesday, and we film on Friday.


  • Quiet Lab – Only school work in the Tech Center until the end of school.  All day, every day.

Breakout Schedule

  • 1hr English Wed
  • 1hr Spanish Thur & Fri

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