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Answer ONE of the two following prompts in two or more complete sentences. Make sure to respond to every question in the prompt.

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1. Everest has become quite commercialized since it was deemed the world’s highest point. Using the text and factual evidence, explain its rise in popularity. Over the decade before ITA was written, Everest saw so much demand that the Chinese and Nepalese governments created systems to reduce traffic on the mountain. What were their solutions for the high demand? Were they successful? Do you believe the solutions to be fair and appropriate? Explain.

2. Climbing Everest has been an attractive, almost surreal, goal for many climbers. Based on the text, what makes this mountain so unique and admirable? What have critics said about the mountain over the years? Is it wise for people to attempt reaching the summit, and should Krakauer himself have taken the job with Outside to write an article on an expedition? Explain.

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  1. 2.) I think he should not have climbed Mt. Everest if he was advised not to because obviously there was a reason. Everest is already crucial with the hike but when weather gets in the way it can be deadly. I think it’s only best for the pros to go up the mountain.

    1. Although that may be true an amateur still succeeded to climb the mountain with a pro. This later lead to the belief that anyone who is fit with at least some experience can pretty much dominate Mt. Everest.

    2. I agree with both Hannah McCoy and Brooke. It is all based on the person’s point of view. This subject is very three dimensional and controversial. It makes it very difficult to form a dry cut opinion.

  2. One of their solutions was to raise the price of the climbing permits. This wasn’t phasing the crowd very much so they continued to raise the cost. Even with the overly expensive permit costs they created a limit of only 4 groups able to climb per season. None of these tactics ended up working out very well considering the other side of the mountain didn’t have any of these restrictions. Climbers just decided to climb the other side of Everest for cheaper with no limit.

    1. Agreeded, but even with the high cost people with money still climb the Nepal side of the mountain because it is easier, and there are Sherpas to help guide them up the mountain, and they are almost guaranteed to reach the summit of the world.

      1. Haven’t the Sherpas recently start refusing to work as guides for the climbers? That may stop many people from attempting the climb.

    2. Hello Fawn,
      I also agree with you that it doesn’t make an difference in raising the price to climb the mountain. People are going to find ways to accomplish almost anything.

    3. Also, the raise in price didn’t keep inexperienced climbers off of the mountain. They go with experienced guides, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

  3. I think that what Nepal and China has done to create less traffic on Mt. Everest is fair. I believe this because the amount they are asking is not an unattainable goal. the only reason they are charging so much is because there is a lot of danger in climbing the mountain.

    1. Nepal’s minister is charging 65,000 for a group, which doesn’t include 10,000 per additional climber. This cost is outrageously high and bad for the country and for the Sherpas because people can just go up the Chinese side for 10,000 a group, which is significantly easier.

      1. id have to disagree, its not like the country is making people spend the money on climbing the mountain. People can choose to spend there money the way they want. Its kind of a 50/50 on if the price is outrageous. the price of climbing the mountain is basically paying for the safety of the person, hopefully, getting down and back safely.

    2. You shouldn’t have to pay to climb the mountain. Did they buy the mountain? No it was made over millions of years, so why can they charge money to something that they didn’t have to pay to put there.

      1. I agree with you somewhat. But if climbing the mountain was free, I believe there would be much more people climbing it and a lot more deaths and tragedies.

      2. I agree because its a one of a kind natural phenominon, but unfortunately most will just count it as just another piece of land.

    3. I agreed with you Bob, what people are paying for is their safety. Plus its the peoples money, they don’t have to climb the mountain, but if its their dream and can afford it then why not do it even if you know the consequences.

  4. Based on what Krakauer wrote Everest is so fascinating to people because it is the tallest mountain, and it is the most dangerous mountain to climb. Critics have often wrote about how easy it has become with a guide to climb Everest, as it is a destination for many low level climbers, and how so many people have climbed it that climbing Everest isn’t even a feat anymore. From what Krakauer said in his book it is easy with the Sherpas and guides to reach the summit of Everest, but it doesn’t always happening, and people only climb to the top when conditions allow. Krakauer seemed to regret taking the job from Outside to climb Everest because of the tragic event that killed most of the climbers that went up with Krakauer and how it has greatly affected him.

  5. 1) The solution was to close the border and not let any one climb but due to high demand, they opened up the border again. Professional climbers have a hard time climbing Everest, obviously the new climbers will have a very hard time. I believe the solution was smart at the time but people are going to want to hike Everest whether the border is open or not

  6. Mount Everest is a goal for serious climbers, because it is the tallest mountain in the world. People always want to do the biggest and best things, so for a climber Mount Everest is the ultimate goal. Critics say it is very dangerous to attempt to climb it, but that doesn’t hold back a serious climber. Krakauer should have taken it because since he was a child he idolized people that reached the summit of Everest. For him to have reached the summit is a dream come true.

      1. That was incredible, I have never heard someone with such a way with words. I couldn’t agree with you more and just you to know that you are loved.

  7. The mountain is such a big goal for so many climbers, because it is the highest mountain in the world. Everyone who is a climber would love to say that they climbed the highest peak in the world. The critics say it is dangerous and you can die, but most of the climbers are fully aware of the consequences they could face. The bulk of the people who attempt the mountain aren’t very wise. I think that Krakauer shouldn’t of done the climb because of all the terrible things that he saw while he climbed.

    1. I disagree with what you said about people who climb the mountain are not very wise, because they are plenty of people who are smart and climb the mountain. Just because a person makes a decision to do a dangerous task does lower there IQ level

      1. Yeah but even the most experience climber isn’t the best to climb Everest they all make mistake and that little mistake and lead to death

      2. While on the mountain climbers lose millions of brain cells which would actually lower their IQ. Also being wise and being smart are two different things.

  8. 1) The things the government did to stop climbing and traffic was charged high amounts of money up to $70.000 for 7 climbers and it still did not work. I say the solution was efficient and made the government money.

    2) What made the mountain so interesting was its elevation and how it was such a challenge both mentally and physically. Critics say its a great achievement to climb. If people are experienced and fit then they should be aloud to climb.

  9. Prompt 1:
    The solution the Chinese had put into action was raising the price substantially for each party and more than the max cost another sum of money. Their efforts increased income and failed to decrease the population of mountain climbers.

    1. I forgot to mention-
      yes I believe that what China had done was fair because they found a way to kill two birds with one stone. There wasn’t much else China could do anyway without putting people out of work.

        1. ur probably right but it does say that in the book that that tactic was for the gain of money and to limit the climbers at least

  10. what makes mt Everest so attractive is its height and its challenging clime. critic’s have often talked about how dangerous and difficult the clime .

    1. It may be notoriously dangerous and difficult, but that hasn’t stopped people from attempting the climb. Since the mountain is so dangerous, the Sherpas have recently refused to act as guides for the climbers.

  11. What makes the mountain so spectacular and alluring is the fact that it has been labeled as the highest point in the world. People want to rise to the challenge and be able to brag that they conquered the highest point in the world. The world knows that it is not an easy climb, but that doesn’t stop those driven by blind determination. Honestly, I don’t recommend even trying to climb it in the first place. It’s like traveling to the Moon. So many people have done it that it’s now not even a big deal. Krakauer should not have climbed Everest. Based on the text, there was very little enjoyment for him. He suffered from separated ribs and who knows what other injuries he obtained during the climb.

    1. I agree that the average person off street should not attempt Everest, but if a person is experienced in high altitude climbing and has the time I see no reason why they shouldn’t.

  12. 2) Mt Everest has been attractive to people climbing because its the largest peak in the world. Although the mountain is dangerous, people still tend to climb it for the experience or for a goal they set. Many people die during their climb up and krakauer had a choice to climb or not and he chose to and ended up experiencing things to scar him for life.

    1. I agree with what you said there is a lot of danger and anyone who climbs the mountain is aware of what they are doing. There is no point in trying to stop a person from doing a life goal they set

  13. Climbing Everest is a very attractive and surreal goal for many climbers, advanced or not. The mountain is very unique by how beautiful it is while climbing, and at the top of the peak, you are very high above the earth you feel fearless. For years the critics have said that mountain is that it a very memorable, and although it is very dangerous, it is a great adventure. It is not wise for non advance climbers to try and climb mount Everest because even experts have dies from trying to climb. I think Krakauer should have taken the job Outside to write an article on an expedition.

  14. (Written for prompt 2) I don’t think they should have climbed mt. Everest. While I do think it would be cool to reach the top of the world’s highest peak, there are just too many risks. In chapter 1, page 10, Krakauer states, “Then, abruptly, I sensed that I was suffocating. My vision dimmed and my head began to spin. I was on the brink of losing consciousness.” This was just after taking off the mask! What if he had other health problems? And as we all know, many people later died. Having to write about this tragedy later would have been heartbreaking!

    1. Hello Hannah,
      I also agree with you that there are many risks in climbing the mountain, and that people like Krakauer understand that making the decision is a heavy choice, which can result even in the possibility of death.

  15. Mt. Everest is approximately 29,030 feet and is located on the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal, near the Tibet, China border. People are drawn to the fact that its the tallest mountain in the world, and because its not something that most people ever do. Many people have said that If you climb the mountain the chances of you returning back are slim to none. I personally feel that its your personal decision to climb the mountain and no one should hold back on anyone to complete their aspirations. I think that Krakauer should take the job, to write about Everest because its not something that people have knowledge about and want to indulge in personal experiences of what Everest is really like.

  16. I believe that Nepal and China’s choice to create less traffic of Mt. Everest was a fairly good choice. The amount that Nepal and China are asking for people isn’t a crazy amount, and its to keep them safe and has a less amount of danger climbing it.

  17. It has rosin in popularity because as soon as they opened it up on both side of the mountain and the tibeating government had opened their side to foreigners. They had to charge a lot pf money because it was a dangerous trip and some people had paid up to $100,000 to climb. They were and they were not because only the very wealthy people could climb the mountain, and a lot of the poorer people wanted to go and climb. I don’t believe that it was fair because all the people that could go didn’t have the experience. When the poorer people were just as inexperienced as the wealthy people.

  18. Prompt #2
    Before it was summited, Mount Everest was known as the ‘Third Pole’. It was seen as something huge, mysterious, and powerful. Jon Krakauer said that that many people thought it lacked “sufficient technical challenges and aesthetic appeal”. However, what it lacked in these areas, it made up for in size. The desire to reach the unreachable, to accomplish the impossible has always been a part of human nature. This drive is what makes Everest so alluring. It is the highest part of the world, isolated and extreme. Though it maybe not the most challenging mountain, its place as the highest of them all attracts people like flies. I think that forbidding people to climb it would be rather impossible. Although the expedition ended in tragedy, Jon Krakauer should have still gone on it. At the time, no one suspected that people would die, and it would have been impossible to predict for certain. There are always certain risks in climbing Everest, and climbers are aware of that. They choose to climb, fully understanding that they might not come back down. The allure of the summit outweighs the danger. This should not be taken away from them.

  19. 1. Of course people want climb Mount Everest, it would be one of the greatest challenges of all time. Because so many people wanted to climb Everest, they had to figure out a way to reduce the amount of people. They did this by making it more difficult to be accepted and by raised the prices. They made it to where only rich people who happen to be excellent mountaineers can climb Everest. I do not think that this is fair, I believe that everyone should be allowed to climb the mountain for free if they so choose to. It is a natural mountain that just so happens to be popular because of how tall and challenging it is. Although I do not think it is fair, I do think that it is appropriate. If there are too many people then many things and people can be hurt or damaged, as well as the natives may be interfered with.

  20. Many people say that climbing Everest has been an attraction, not many people get the chance to do that. critics have said about the mountain over years that it’s been safer to climb. It’s not wise for they to attempt to reach the summit.

  21. What makes Mount Everest so desirable to climb is the challenge of it since it is the tallest mountain to climb. Even though critics talk about it being easier with a guide the weather conditions are dangerous. I feel like it is not wise to do unless you have a guide and some preparations. I also don’t think it was smart for Krakauer to climb Everest for the article because of all the people telling him not to.

    1. Good point! But I think Krakauer was offered a great opportunity and it was something he loved to do and was experienced in it so why not take the one in a lifetime opportunity?

  22. Prompt 2:
    I believe, based on the information I have seen on the subject, that the reason people climb Mt.Everest is simply because it is the highest point on earth. Though critics in mountaineering circles apparently look down on Everest for reasons that vary from the comparative ease of the climb to the fact that Everest is not the most aesthetically pleasing mountain people still risk life and limb to do so. I believe that though Everest is dangerous it is not unwise to climb if one has experience mountaineering.

  23. 1.) Ever since Everest’ height was determined people have been dreaming of reaching the peak of the highest point on Earth. As more people have succeeded at scaling the massive mountain, it has become almost a common dream; however few reach it and many have died. Krakauer writes that in the past the Chinese government closed part of the mountain in turn of the Nazi government. Krakauer also speaks of wealthy, inexperienced climbers paying $65,000. Since then the price has risen to about $100,000. I don’t think the rise in price is by accident.

    2.) People consciously and unconsciously aspire to almost impossible dreams. We reach for goals that push us until we break because we want to see where that breaking point is. If we didn’t have these unimaginable goals we would fall apart; we would stop feeling like we had something to live for. Unfortunately, this goal causes casualties. I’m not just talking about the climbers themselves; I mean their families. I met a man who reached the summit of Everest. The first attempt he failed. His lungs were too weak, filled with fluid, and he almost died. If he had passed away he would have left a wife, children, and parents who’s entire existence revolved around him. The question asks if it’s worth it; however the black and white question does not have a black and white answer. Is it worth it for me? I don’t think so, but it may be worth it for some one else. The person I knew loved his family, but knew where his heart was.

  24. The one side of the mountain that was putting all of the restrictions on the hikers was seeing less people but not do to the lack of people going on the hike. They were going to the other side of the mountain that did not have as much restrictions.

  25. 2. “This was one of those uninhibited dreams that come free with growing up. I was sure that mine about Everest was not mine alone: the highest on earth, unattainable, foreign to all experience, was there for many boys and grown men to aspire toward.” I believe the risk of climbing Everest is well worth it. The sheer experience of climbing and the beauty of the mountain make it unlike any other on this planet. I also believe Krakauer made right right decision on making the trek up, it was worth it in the end.

  26. 2. This mountain is unique and admirable because the sights and different objects that it has, many critics have said that the mountain is unsafe and dangerous to climb no matter what skill level, if that be novice or advanced. I would say it is a very bad idea for people to climb Everest if they do not know what they are getting themselves into, because it can be very life threatening, if things go wrong while on the mountain. Krakauer shouldn’t of taken the job for outside magazine mainly because it is such a life threatening adventure if things go wrong.

  27. 2. Climbing Everest has been an attractive, almost surreal, goal for many climbers. Based on the text, what makes this mountain so unique and admirable? What have critics said about the mountain over the years? Is it wise for people to attempt reaching the summit, and should Krakauer himself have taken the job with Outside to write an article on an expedition? Explain.

    In my Opinion what makes this mountain so unique would be its elevation, its looks and the fact that many people have died trying to hike this unique mountain. I think Krakauer took the job because he wanted the excitement. if he didn’t want the job I don’t think he would have taken it.

  28. ‘But the year was 1852…’ Everest was deemed the highest point on Earth. But ‘…the passage of 101 years before the summit would be attained.’ Pre-1949 the only was to get to the mountain was from Tibet. Until Nepal open its borders and allowed foreigners in to scale Everest. Then for years the two governments played a little game that involved charging expeditions large amounts of money in order to climb. Along with that, Nepal had a four expedition limit that created a lack of climbers (and wealth) on the Nepali side of Everest. China (landlord of Tibet) charged $15,000 for all expedition . So while Tibet *China* was raking in the cash Nepal was left in the dust and eventually forced to cancel the four expedition limit. Even if the Nepali didn’t want to exploit the profits of Everest, Tibet *China* would do it for them. So it’s like the two countries are competing for cash.

  29. 1. The government of Nepal soon realized that Everest was becoming a major attraction. In order to keep Everest safe, and the impact on the environment minimal the government decided to raise the prices. As people continued to flood towards Everest the prices continually went up. Nepal very successful with their efforts because on the China side they were charging only $15,000, while Nepal was charging $50,000. I believe that the solution to Nepal’s problem was a good one. I believe this because the impact on the environment and safety are big factors. If they just let anyone climb it not only would there be hundreds of deaths every year, but also the environment would be destroyed.

  30. Critics have mixed emotions about Everest, over the years it has been deadly with avalanches, and the price has gone up, but they also say it is a very cool experience. The mountain is so unique because it is so memorable to climb, you get to stop at all the peaks and you are so high up. I don’t think it was wise for him to climb it for the article, but he made it back and hes alive so I guess he did a very cool thing.

  31. For many people its been a goal to climb Mount.Everest. Some climbers go up but don’t come back down. Its the biggest mountain and also the most dangerous. In my opinion i wouldn’t think its the smartest thing to do because of all the things that could happen to you. I think Krakauer should have waited to write about his trip to Everest because of everything he went through, but also he could have forgotten some of the details, so he wanted to get everything on the page before anything else.

  32. The goal that the Chinese and Nepalese governments had came up with to keep so many people from climbing Mt.Everest, was to charge higher amounts so that very few could only climb the mountain. I think that what their governments had in mind was probably a good idea at the time but it didn’t really work as efficient as they wanted it to.

    1. The China side actually only cost around $15,000 to climb, while the Nepal side cost around $50,000 to climb. The governments didn’t coincide with each other, it was the opposite. The were basically in a battle for clients, and money.

    2. I agree with this statement, I believe this was very accurate. I also believe that the government had what was best in mind.

  33. Everest is such a popular destination for experienced mountain climbers because of its very unique size and the amount of skill and experience that making it to the top would require. From the very beginning of the book where Krakauer is talking about how he is delirious from lack of oxygen and is having serious health problems due to coughing so much. Attempting the climb is a serious risk for anybody who dares to climb it.

  34. 2.) Mt. Everest is a main attraction for both tourists and skilled climbers. It is known for its high peaks and its beauty. Even though critics have advised people not to climb the mountain because of the casualties and the dangers they may face they are still doing it. And in my honest opinion I support the people who still choose to climb. You only have so many chance’s to do something as inspiring as climbing a mountain. And sooner or later we are all going to die, so why not take the chance and do the things we want.

  35. “…and Nepalis who resided to the south reportedly called the peak Deva-dhunga, ‘Seat of God.'” pg 16.
    “Once Everest was determined to be the highest peak on earth, it was only a matter of time before people decided that Everest needed to be climbed.” pg 16.
    “Everest looms as a three-sided pyramid of gleaming ice and dark, striated rock. ” pg 17.
    In my opinion, it is not wise to attempt to reach the top of Everest. However, if it is your goal in life to be spontaneous and take risks, then this might be acceptable.
    I think that because Jon K. was determined, and he took the trip, he gained much experience and was able to write a very detailed story.
    He lived to tell it, and that’s what it’s all about.

  36. Climbing Everest has been a goal for many climbers. Everest is the tallest mountain and not many people get to climb it. So its one in a lifetime chance. Critics over Everest say that it is very dangerous and one out of four people who climb it die. They also say that rich people who aren’t even experienced in mountain climbing just climb it because they have the money. I think it’s only wise for people who have a lot of experience climbing mountains to climb up Everest like Jon Krakauer. He was offered the opportunity to climb Everest and to write an article about it. Both things he loves to do and is experienced in doing so. He make a good decision on taking the job.

  37. 1. Everest gained much popularity when Hillary and Tenzing were the first people to trek to the top of the highest point on earth, but stole the fascination of many weekend hikers when Bass climbed to the top. He was not a highly experienced climber, which sparked the fire of regular climbers to flood Everest. The Nepalese and Chinese governments created fees that were extremely high in price ($15,000- $50,000) to thwart the messy climbers. The high prices did not stop all the determined people. these steps to prevent harm that could come upon the environment was necessary.

    2. What makes this mountain so unique is the challenge and even the accomplishment of the feat is worthy in its self. The many famous climbers who sparked this desire were a big influence. Because there are many dangers in climbing this mountain, is not a wise decision. Only the most driven adventures that have years of experience should be able to climb Everest. I think that Krakauer should have climbed this mountain because he tells a story that is a warning to those who are inexperienced in mountaineering.

  38. 2.) What makes Mt. Everest so unique and admirable is that people have risked their lives to climb it. It is the tallest mountain in the world. After Mallory and Irvine’s adventure on Mt. Everest, critics made this huge story viral in the times of London story made by James Morris. The attempt for reaching the summit is very dangerous because there is a high risk of getting hurt and losing oxygen. I think Krakauer shouldn’t of taken the job to go on this expedition ,because it a dangerous expedition. He risked his life just to write an article on how treacherous the climb was, I think that is insane, but it may have been life changing for him.

  39. I believe Everest was such a popular attraction, because there has been a very limited amount of people who have actually been successful. The critics say that this trek is a very memorable adventure although it is quite dangerous, and is not suggested unless you are in good physical shape and are up for the challenge. I feel that Krakauer should have accepted the job with outside, although he would only hike up to the mountains base camp instead of the peak like he wished.

  40. One of the things about Everest at this time was that not many people have climbed it yet. So by climbing it, it made them one of the few people whom actually climbed it, Also Krauker should not have taken the job if he knew what was gonna happen.

    1. Who*. And how would Krauker have known what was going to happen? He may have been uneasy, or even unsure of what was to come on the trip. Yet he had no clue of what was going to happen on the trip. Krauker was unaware that this would be the worst season Everest has had so far.

    2. I agree that if Krakauer had known what was going to happen he shouldn’t have taken up the job. However, nothing in the text seems to suggest that he had any idea this was going to happen. Also, all of the people who were on the expedition made the choice to come. Nobody was forced to be there. So, I don’t think that any one person was responsible for all of the deaths that happened on the mountain during this particular expedition.

  41. Many hikers want to hike this mountain just because its the tallest mountain in the would. This hike is also vary dangerous do to the storms combined with the lack of oxygen. Do to these things Krakauer should not have of taken the group up the mountain with two separated ribs.

  42. 1. Everest has become quite commercialized since it was deemed the world’s highest point. Using the text and factual evidence, explain its rise in popularity. Over the decade before ITA was written, Everest saw so much demand that the Chinese and Nepalese governments created systems to reduce traffic on the mountain. What were their solutions for the high demand? Were they successful? Do you believe the solutions to be fair and appropriate? Explain.

    I don’t believe that the government shouldn’t of cut out people like that because its not fair to the people that now cant visit or go to the mountain. It rose in population because al the people wanted to be extreme mountain climbers and climb Mt. Everest. The solution was to cut foreigners from being able to visit the mountain. And no they were not successful with this. And I do not agree with this solution because its not fair.

  43. Based on the text, it seems like the people who want to climb Mount Everest are similar to adrenaline junkies. Krakauer says, “Secretly, I dreamed of ascending Everest myself one day; for more than a decade it remained a burning ambition. ” I’m not saying that they are erratic, impulsive and just looking for a dangerous thing to make their heart race. I think that they get a thrill out of doing something that they don’t believe everybody can do. I think that accomplishing such an impressively hard task as climbing Mount Everest gives them a lot of pride and a well deserved sense of accomplishment.

    If people believe that they are capable of climbing the mountain, and they are in a good state of mind to make such a decision, then it really isn’t up to me to tell them if what they are doing is right or wrong. If somebody wants to risk their life for something that they are passionate about, then I can respect that. People risk their lives for a lot less, so I think it’s actually really impressive when somebody is so passionate about a goal that they are willing to risk their lives to achieve it.

  44. . Climbing Everest has been an attractive, almost surreal, goal for many climbers. Based on the text, what makes this mountain so unique and admirable? What have critics said about the mountain over the years? Is it wise for people to attempt reaching the summit, and should Krakauer himself have taken the job with Outside to write an article on an expedition? Explain.

    Many climbers hope to climb Everest, but because the lack of oxygen it isn’t the safest climb you can do. As a climber you would want to climb the highest mountain known to man.

  45. 2. I think the reason people want to climb Everest is when you have the passion for something you’re going to want to do as much as you can of it and the more extreme the better. Critics say that it is a dangerous climb. I think that its a lot of risk just for an article in a magazine and you’d have to really be passionate about it and not just do it for the money.

  46. This mountain is quite unique in the fact that it is quite large. Critics have said that it is a fairly difficult and dangerous climb. It may not have been a great choice for Krak to climb this mountain.

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