February 27, 2015


  • Shark Tank – watch #2
  • Turn in your final draft of your immigration proposal


  • TED-Ed
    • Working with a third partner, make a list of all the bad presentation habits you can think of on TED Ed #8
    • Individually check the frequency with which you do those things (on the right hand side)
    • Make a plan to avoid doing them on the bottom
    • Stand up and practice giving your speech using your paper as little as possible
    • Staple your TED Ed copies from Wednesday and Thursday to today’s #8: Bad Habits Be Gone and turn in to the front table
  • Begin typing / creating your Immigration Game materials.  If you email them to me by Tuesday at noon, I can print them in color for you.  Final games are due Wednesday.
    • Card template sites to get you started (your cards should be double sided with the game logo on one side)
      • http://donnayoung.org/homeschooling/games/game-cards.htm
      • http://www.brighthub.com/multimedia/publishing/articles/122296.aspx
      • http://shakala.yolasite.com/
      • https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Free-Memory-Card-Template-363702

Current Assignments

  • Your visuals for your TED Ed talk should be completed by Monday before class


  • Make up MLA quiz Friday in Sully’s breakout
  • Open lab Tuesday, March 3rd, from 4-9 in Tech Center
  • Primal scream Monday, 8:40 on the football field, as it is the beginning of finals week!  We will begin with some music to pump you up…

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