February 23, 2015


  • Create video clips (15-20 seconds max) of you speaking positively about CIS. We will be using these in a short video to explain the blocks to our sophomores to help them select blocks.  Put this in P:\handins\BIS\CIS\Video Clips.
    • What is your favorite thing about CIS? or What is the best thing about being in CIS?
    • How is CIS getting you ready for your future?
    • Why did you pick CIS? or Why are you glad you picked CIS?
    • What have you learned about the world or international studies from CIS?
    • What type of learners are successful in CIS?
    • What has been your favorite project or assignment in CIS this year?
  • Create at least three, but do extras if you have the time.

Current Assignments

  • Immigration Proposal– Due Thursday at the start of class
  • Ted Ed #5-6– due Wednesday; be ready to practice in class!


  • Open Lab Thursday 4-9 and Tuesday, March 3rd, 4-9; Please bring food or drinks to share!

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