February 18, 2015


  • Watch the video on MLA formatting in Word and format your paper
  • Portland Permission slips due Thursday (TOMORROW)
  • Andres and Melina, SOU permission slips!


  • Immigration Research Paper and Requirements
  • TED Ed #5 Redos or TED Ed #6.  You will begin practicing giving your speech next Wednesday (we are gone Monday and Tuesday)…make sure you and your visuals are ready.

Current Assignments

  • Spanish II: put your video here P:\handins\BIS\Siemer\Oral Proficiency Videos\Espanol II


  • If you are not going on the Capital & Portland Trip, see Sullivan after announcements to talk about presenting at the D6 Board Meeting
  • Open lab on Thursday, Feb. 26th, and Tuesday, March 3rd, from 4-9 in Tech Center

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