February 17, 2015


  • What’s going on with Govenor Kitzhaber???
    • Find out
    • Discuss the who/what/where/when/why with a partner.  Do you think he should have resigned? Why?
  • Sign up for your room for the Portland and Salem trip (this list is final – it goes to the motel today)
  • Sign up for your TED Talk with your title/topic, location of choice, and progress/notes.
  • Turn in Salem & Portland permission slips


  • Review end of T2 calendar!!!
  • Intro Immigration Research Paper and Requirements

Current Assignments

  • Spanish II: put your video here P:\handins\BIS\Siemer\Oral Proficiency Videos\Espanol II
  • Complete Lit Circle packets are due today at the beginning of breakout


  • CIS Video Students – lunch meeting today

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