Costa Rica Fundraising!

The CIS Costa Rica trip is coming up this spring for seniors. Juniors, you will have the chance to go on your international trip (to a destination of your choice!) in 2017. The time to start planning and fundraising, for both Juniors AND Seniors, is NOW!
In the blog below, answer one of these questions:
1. What have you already done to begin fundraising? Has it been successful? Explain to others how they can find similar success!
2. What ideas do you have for innovative and lucrative fundraisers? Share ONE idea and explain how you can help make it happen.
After answering one question, read through other ideas. Respond to two other students who have ideas you like. What can you do to help? Would you like to work on a team with them to plan an event or fundraiser? What would that look like?


124 thoughts on “Costa Rica Fundraising!”

  1. 1. I have saved 5% of each of my paychecks. I have currently saved 20 dollars. It hasn’t been crazy successful for me to save money because I like to buy things, and a way to get/save money is to find random jobs that you can get paid for.

    1. Dude, I feel you. It is difficult saving money with a job because of paying gas and all that good stuff but put all your tips away for the trip and use your paychecks for your own good.

    2. I like Caitlyn’s and Jada’s idea on saving a certain amount from each paycheck. When I get a job I will also save a certain amount of money to go towards my senior trip.

  2. I have saved at least $20 from each of my paychecks. My Grandma is also helping out with the cost of the trip by paying for half of it. It has been successful so far. You can save money from your work for even from doing chores around the house for your parents.

  3. To start fundraising, I have written my donations letter but have not yet sent them out. I have many ideas that could be used as fun fundraisers. I do feel as if we were to do fundraisers as a class, it would make people more motivated to participate and have a better chance of fundraising.

    1. you may be right, for participation in fundraising doesn’t seem to be very high at the moment. I wonder if they may make that a class effort in years to come…

  4. I have started sending out fundraising letters to businesses. I currently have $100 saved so far and plan to send more out soon. An idea I had was a blitz ball game where people paid to play.

  5. I believe one fundraising event we could start is a rake and run during the fall. We get a big group of people to drive to different neighborhoods and ask to rake lawns for donations for the trip. Then once we make the money whoever was in a group together can split up the money equally and put it towards the trip.

  6. I have been putting money off to the side from each pay check and birthday and Christmas money will be going to the fund as well. great ideas is offer to do yard work/ home maintenance things around the house for neighbors.

  7. To start my fundraising I am going to write out donation letters. We need to make sure all seniors participate and help out with the fundraising. An idea for fundraising would be selling raffle tickets at the football and volleyball games.

    1. something that I have used for fundraisers in the past is beef from the butcher shop and sell the tickets for $2-4 a piece.

    2. I think that it would be fun to fundraiser at the events we have at school because we are motivated to go there already so it will be no hassle!

  8. I have turned in cans and bottles that i get from my family to fundraise. If your family like to party you are set. If no, try to find neighbors or something that do. I can usually get about $100 a month so it works pretty good.

  9. 1. I have sent about 10 donation letters to local businesses in the Rogue Valley about a week ago. I will be sending out more. So far I haven’t got a response back from any businesses, hopefully I will soon. Writing donation letters to local businesses with numerous employees can be a success and any money they donate, no matter the amount, can help in some way towards the trip.

  10. A small yet helpful contribution to fundraising would be going door to door and collecting cans, if you did a new neighborhood every week it could end up being very influential.

  11. I was going to set aside around 30 dollars everytime I got a paycheck. Also when receiving money from relatives during Christmas and my birthday i would keep that money and not spend it. So far I have around 50 dollars due to my poor saving skills, but I am going to try harder.

  12. I think it might be smart to start a car wash. I could do this by getting other people to help me gather supplies and hang up signs around town telling people where the car wash is and why we are trying to raise money.

    1. I like this, we could even do multiple car washes before winter because the soap and everything wouldn’t cost that much. We could talk to different places so we move around each time instead of being in the same place. Get new people ya feel?(;

  13. 1. I have yet to send out my donation letters to companies in the rogue valley but i have also been saving some of my money. Hopefully with the donation letters i can get a huge chunk of the money but other than that i am going to keep fundraising.

  14. 2. A great idea for fundraising is having some sort of sale (like a yard sale, or a bake sale). It will attract a lot of potential customers because things will be at a decent price, and you could make lots of money in the process.

  15. 1. What have you already done to begin fundraising? Has it been successful? Explain to others how they can find similar success!

    I have raised all of my money for the trip. I did this by doing 4H and I got a job. All the money I received from my animal and work went to the trip until I raised all of the money. It worked really well for me and it was successful.

  16. The money I earn making tie dye shirts I will put towards the Costa Rica trip. Hit me up if you’re interested I can hook you up!

  17. 2. A fundraiser idea we could try is having a car wash or something like that. We should try this because people driving by will see us and want to help out.

  18. I don’t have any money saved and I have not started any fund raising. One good idea is to get a job and use that money for the trip.

  19. I currently have a job so I am able to save a bit of money out of each paycheck and put it towards the trip. Adding that to fundraising is a great way to earn the money needed for the trip.

  20. I think that trying to get involved with the city would be very beneficial because they do a lot of community activities and they might be willing to set up a little city barbecue or something with us.

  21. I haven’t exactly started fundraising… I have a sponsorship letter that I wrote last year that I could use for this exact project. I have had success in the past using this method specifically for the East Coast Trip. I recommend using this method to try and earn some extra cash for the trip (along with other fundraisers).

  22. 2. A good fundraising incentive is to offer sending postcards/ pictures to the people supporting you. As well, afterwards, you could send them a letter detailing your experiences and gratitude.

  23. I have been saving up every amount of money that i get. It has been successful because I don’t spend much money on unessential things. It would be easier to raise the money if it isn’t spent on things that are an immediate necessities.

  24. I think a good fundraiser would be to rent a bounce house and set it up at a park or in font of the PAC and charge kids to use it. We could pass flyers out to everyone in BIS and hand them out around town, maybe leave a stack at stores for them to pass out.

  25. I think that the donation letters will be very successful. In the past, we did a series of games and activities at school that people signed up for, and it was super successful. When we did the fundraiser, it was at Scenic, and we did a bunch of games like dodgeball, volleyball, and brainbowl that the homerooms competed in. Each homeroom had to pay a fee to compete. I know we don’t have homerooms, but I’m sure we could rework that to work for Crater.

    1. CAHPS could use there advisories as well as BIS. All we would have to do would be figure out RA. That would be a great idea to get everyone involved and a good fundraiser.

    1. Car washes are a great idea but….. Everyone does them. Every group has done a car wash and I think that we should try to do something different.

  26. To start I’m going to visit my grandpa’s work asking for donations. If I am not successful with that I may just begin to start saving about 10% from each of my paychecks and hopefully I will start saving up a good junk of money for the trip. I may also raise little bits of money here or there by taking cans back or working a little extra to speed up the saving process.

  27. To start I’ll try to get a job and if I’m able to I’ll save $35 from each of my paychecks and I’ll also save the money I get from my parents and family.

  28. This winter I plan to find a job. I will be taking 25% of my pay to put towards my Senior trip.
    Also finding families around the valley who may need assistance in babysitting or yard work and who are willing to pay for your services.

  29. I think that we should asks businesses around central point to donate some of their earnings on a specific date. If we ask enough businesses (along with doing other fundraisers) we, as a class, could get some good donations in order to go on the trip.

  30. I feel like we should do a can drive. Get a whole bunch of people together a raid the city asking for cans. Most people would be surprised with how much money you can actually make off that. and its recycling which also supports the community.

  31. I think a good way of fundraising would simply be to write letters to businesses. Possibly get a job all at the same time though dependent on the person the idea of how this is done may differ.

  32. We should have all the students in CIS team up in groups of 3-4 and make a booth for a carnival that we put on for the community.

  33. A great idea for raising funds, however common it may be, is can/bottle recycling. Going from door to door in neighborhoods and asking for their recyclable bottles and/or cans is very very common among fundraising groups, but that is only because it works so well.

  34. I haven’t done any fundraising yet but what I would do is go to local businesses and ask for donations. You could also send letters or call family and friends and ask for them to help you so you can go on the trip.

  35. If I wanted to earn a ton of money for the trip I would invest and earn money off the stock market. Depending on values I would invest in growing industries or if the value is down by some of Apples stock or such.

  36. Maybe we can start a raffle to fund raise for the trip. we could get someone to donate something that people could buy raffle tickets for.

  37. 50/50 raffles at local banquets and events has always made a significant amount of money for 4-H. An NRA, RMEF or NWTF banquets always attracts large crowds.

  38. this a really good goal to work for. the coasta reca trip looks like a really good place to go to and meet new people from a another country. one of the good things is that you can go with all of your friend and enjoy every moment when your there.

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