April 16, 2015


  • Get together with your Pocket Project group and put the letters and artifacts in your pocket.  Sully and Siemer will collect.  Prepare to share your pocket tomorrow with other groups.  Everyone needs to be prepared to share.
  • Group up with students in the same region:
    • Central America
    • South America
    • East Africa
    • West Africa
    • Central Asia
    • Middle East
    • East Asia
    • Europe
  • Discuss your countries.  List three trends that are similar between all of your countries.  Be prepared to share out.


  • Act 4 rubric

Current Assignments

  • Rasin in the Sun test tomorrow


  • Look alike day next Tuesday (earn a point!)
  • Seniors: Please fill out the internship master sign-up list and get your internship paperwork – both the legal paperwork (2 pages) and the log (packet); Internships begin on Monday!
  • Want BIS Board points? Go to the play (Mary Poppins) on Thursday at 7 (tonight)– it’s opening night. Make sure to sign in!
  • BISapalooza is May 1st.