April 10, 2015


  • Dance Party!
  • Raisin Blog #2– See below


  • Work Day– take care of Ted Ed, Lit Circle including pocket project, and 55 country assignment including essay.


  • TED Ed Talk, edited version, due in your Evidence of Learning page of your portfolio on Monday at the beginning of class
  • Lit Circle #3: Understanding the Background, due TODAY
  • Lit Circle #4 and completed packet: due Wednesday
  • Honors English – Writing 122 paperwork, due April 15 with payment; CRN is 7599, Course # is WR122
  • Compare & Contrast essay and 55 countries slide due Monday
  • Extra Credit– Earth Day competition


  • Seniors: Please fill out the internship master sign-up list and get your internship paperwork – both the legal paperwork (2 pages) and the log (packet)
  • Mini scheduling changes must be made by the end of the day TODAY
  • Effect/ affect/ insure/ ensure quiz retake today at lunch in rm 27

Internship Opportunities

  • Ashliegh McDaniel | Recruitment & Outreach Associate,
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Pennies for Patients Campaign  (844) 760-1848 or ashliegh.mcdaniel@lls.org
  • Forest Service Nursery
  • RVTD – Data Gathering & Analysis

Raisin Blog #2– Predictions

Many of the dreams of the Younger family have fallen apart. Beneatha’s educational goals may not be reality, Walter’s business venture fell apart, and now Mr. Lindner is on his way to the Younger home, potentially to purchase their new house from them. What do you predict will happen to the members of the Younger family? Choose one character and explain the fate of this individual using details and clues from the play.