February 9. 2015



  • Return TED Ed #5.  Revise or write your script if you did not. Due Wednesday at the beginning of class.
  • Annotated Bibliography – due Friday, at the beginning of class

Current Assignments

  • If you need to finish your work sample, you can do that at the beginning of lunch today in the front lab.


  • CIS Class Schedule
    • Monday – Wednesday – Friday 30 minutes of Spanish-Independent Study & 30 minutes of English
    • Tuesday – 1 hour of Spanish 2 or 1 hour of English
    • Thursday – 1 hour of Spanish 3-4 & Independent Study or 1 hour of English
  • Seniors – begin planning your April internship.  You’ll intern daily from April 20-May 1 during CIS Block.
  • CRN for SOU WR 121 is 5008.
  • CIS Block – Capital and Portland Trip Details
    • Account number with the bookkeeper is 585.  Make your $16 deposit asap. Last day to make your deposit is Feb. 13!
  • Last SAT test this spring is March 14, Register by Feb. 13!
  • RCC’s Rogue Ambassador, merit based scholarship program. Accepted students will receive ½ off tuition (up to 9 credits per term, saving them up to $2,457) in year one and full tuition paid (up to $4,914) in year two at RCC.  The Online application takes students only minutes to complete.  Acceptance is first-come, first-served! The application period is Jan. 5- May 1, 2015.  Spaces are limited; apply early.