February 4, 2015


It’s that magical time of year when the Crater Constellation Yearbook #64 puts together our Best of Crater and BIS Students Most Likely To.  In an attempt to be current, save trees, minimize our intrusion in your classrooms, and use technology to help us track your responses – we have put all the surveys online.  Your job is to vote for your BEST OF CRATER and then vote for the students in your class (and your class only) that you feel are those Most Likely To…..
Best Of Crater (everyone votes)


Please vote for your class only:
BIS Senior- password: 2015 BIS


BIS Junior- password: 2016 BIS


  • Work Sample
    • Must be done in class
    • No outside resources
    • Must use Microsoft Word, NOT Google Docs



  • Effective writing tips #1-3 quiz on Friday in Sully’s breakout
  • Crater Foundation Scholarship Applications due Friday!
  • CIS Class Schedule
    • Monday – Wednesday – Friday 30 minutes of Spanish-Independent Study & 30 minutes of English
    • Tuesday – 1 hour of Spanish 2 or 1 hour of English
    • Thursday – 1 hour of Spanish 3-4 & Independent Study or 1 hour of English
  • San Francisco trip deposit ($300) due by FRIDAY!
  • Seniors – begin planning your April internship.  You’ll intern daily from April 20-May 1 during CIS Block.
  • CRN for SOU WR 121 is 5008.
  • CIS Block – Capital and Portland Trip Details
    • Account number with the bookkeeper is 585.  Make your $16 deposit asap. Last day to make your deposit is Feb. 13!
  • Last SAT test this spring is March 14, Register by Feb. 13!
  • RCC’s Rogue Ambassador, merit based scholarship program. Accepted students will receive ½ off tuition (up to 9 credits per term, saving them up to $2,457) in year one and full tuition paid (up to $4,914) in year two at RCC.  The Online application takes students only minutes to complete.  Acceptance is first-come, first-served! The application period is Jan. 5- May 1, 2015.  Spaces are limited; encourage students to apply early.