January 15, 2015



  • Resolve comments on your TED-Ed #4
  • Get out your TED-Ed #2 brainstorm and, as you complete #5, make sure that your talk will address many of the things you stated made an idea great or made an idea worth sharing.
  • TED-Ed #5
    • Complete overview of your idea (beginning – transition – middle – transition – conclusion)
    • On the back, complete a DETAILED and FINAL outline including key points, stories, specific quotes, research, etc.
    • Due next Thursday.  You have an ENTIRE week to make this amazing!!!

Current Assignments:

  • Thesis statement quiz retake is Friday
  • Corrected Expert Letter is due Friday at the beginning of class.  Attach first draft to the second draft.
  • Author research due today for Spanish 2.
  • Career Research due Wednesday.
  • Next lit circle meeting is next Wed-Thurs.
  • Use this address to access your website: http://wpmu-chs.district6.org/wordpress/yourname/wp-admin


  • Honors English: room 27 for mini today
  • Breakout schedule
    • 50-50 split
    • Mondays and Fridays are 30 minutes for each breakout
    • Wednesdays and Thursdays are 1 hour for one breakout
  • DO NOT enter the front lab (Craft’s / Sink’s side) until the bell rings for the end of second period