September 30, 2014

Warm Up: Blog Post (below)


  1. Sign-up for Pen Pal News:
      • Go to and click on the “Student Sign Up” button at the top of the screen
      • Enter your class code:  ilCiQP4T
      • Enter a name, username and password.  That’s it – no email address or other personal info is required
  2. Work Sample: get all four articles, read prompt, work on work sample.
  3. Internship Interest Survey (passed around)

Current Assignments:

  • Research the business you signed up for and edit Interview Script to reflect business you’ll be interviewing (edited script due tomorrow at the BEGINNING of class) (Student Business Sign-up)
  • Into Thin Air Vocabulary Analysis – get yours done for your assigned due date
  • Chapters 9-10: Read and do logs (due tomorrow)
  • Chapters 11-12: Read and do logs (due Friday)


  • INTERNATIONAL TRIP GOERS (Seniors AND Juniors): You can go to Walking Tree and register for our trip!!! No payment required until December 19 for the seniors.
  • October 14: CIS FIELD TRIP!!! (Gone 9 am to 6ish pm) Permission slips due by October 3.
  • First Outdoor Adventure: Hiking Sky Lakes, October 4
  • Want to go on an amazing end-of-the-year trip???  Perhaps Jetboating for free???
    • 1 point possible for going to the girl’s soccer game today at 7 pm
    • 1 point possible for wearing a flannel shirt for Fall Flannel Friday

ITA Blog Post – Sept. 30

Answer ONE of the two following prompts in two or more complete sentences. Make sure to respond to every question in the prompt.

After you write your response, comment on at least two other posts in one or more complete sentences. You will be scored on your post and comments, so please be appropriate, mature, and professional in your blogging.

1. Krakauer points out that many “dreamers” and “kooks” are drawn to Everest in ch. 7 of the book. What climber’s story from BEFORE Krakauer’s attempt on Everest strikes you most? Why? Do you consider this person to be a dreamer or a kook? Why? Out of the characters in the story that are climbing Everest at the same time as Krakauer, who do you believe to be the biggest kook and why? Explain using multiple details and facts from the text.
2. Various motivations inspire climbers to attempt Everest, even under less than ideal conditions. While many characters see signs that indicate they should probably turn back, few do. For some, it is pride that moves them forward. Others seeks publicity. Some even climb as a symbol of equality they hope to see as part of their new government. Tell about a person or group from the 1996 climb that strikes you. What motivated this particular person or group to attempt reaching the summit of Everest? Do you agree with this person or group’s motivations? Why or why not? Explain using multiple facts and details from the text to justify your answer.