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Answer ONE of the two following prompts in two or more complete sentences. Make sure to respond to every question in the prompt.

After you write your response, comment on at least two other posts in one or more complete sentences. You will be scored on your post and comments, so please be appropriate, mature, and professional in your blogging.

1. Everest has become quite commercialized since it was deemed the world’s highest point. Using the text and factual evidence, explain its rise in popularity. Over the decade before ITA was written, Everest saw so much demand that the Chinese and Nepalese governments created systems to reduce traffic on the mountain. What were their solutions for the high demand? Were they successful? Do you believe the solutions to be fair and appropriate? Explain.

2. Climbing Everest has been an attractive, almost surreal, goal for many climbers. Based on the text, what makes this mountain so unique and admirable? What have critics said about the mountain over the years? Is it wise for people to attempt reaching the summit, and should Krakauer himself have taken the job with Outside to write an article on an expedition? Explain.

September 18, 2014

Warm Up:

  • Review BIS Cares Momentum and Status
  • Juego en Español afuera

CIS Agenda:

  • Work on Dream Trip Itinerary Assignment

Current Assignments:


  • Club Faire is Friday at lunch
  • First Outdoor Adventure: Hiking Sky Lakes, October 4