$10k from Raisin

The Youngers received 10,000 in the mail.  They all have different ideas on how to best spend the money.  Which idea is best?  How should they spend their money and why?  After responding, comment (in an academic manner) on two other people’s ideas.

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        1. well they already have a roof over their head and with college she would be able to get a degree and have a good career so she could have a nice house. Small sacrifices equal great success and rewards in the future.

          1. Benny is a breaks the stereotypes, but is a very rude and way too upfront person to deal with. Just kick her out.

          2. I agree, getting a degree in college would allow greater income and they may have little need of the cash if finacial aid and student loans are applied. The 10K can be for anything unexpected for the duration of being in college like being laid off from work or starving.

    1. I agree, but I doubt she’d ever do what she wants because she’s kind of responsible for the rest of the family.

      1. I believe the money would be best spent on buying a new house. The large family living in such tight quarters is unhealthy for all of their relationships.

      1. Benny’s just needs to stop acting above everyone. Why should they fund her college? Shes basically using her boyfriend for his money! Also the liquor store isn’t to terrible, but it could be successful or highly unsuccessful.

  1. I think that buying the liquor store would be the best option. With the money that you would get out of the store you would then be able to afford a new house and would be able to start paying for college. Plus since it is in that era, it would also be a place where Travis could work and start making his own money.

    1. When Travis is of age, he could eventually take over the store and continue it as life the family business.

    2. I think that buying the liquor store would be a great investment that would help them in the long run.

      PS. 1 <3 U

    3. What if the liquor store does not make them a profit? they are in Chicago in a very racist time most people would not want to go to a store ran by African Americans in this time period

  2. I think that buying a house is the best idea because right now there are way too many people living in that tiny apartment. I think they would fight less if they all had a little more space.

    1. Hello Sofi,
      I agree with the statement that you posted above its important to have a safe environment to live in.

      1. If the store did give them a steady pay check wouldn’t it be a better option? There’s no way to know if it would or not unless they try.

  3. I think the best idea is to invest in a liquor store. They have been poor for a long time and need to change that.l They ought to take a chance and try to get fairly wealthy.

    1. I’m not sure, the liquor store deal sounds kind of shady. And isn’t Mama very against drinking of all kinds?

    2. I agree with you. It might be a gamble but they were living without the 10k for a while and the worst that could happen is they don’t get enough business and they have to close. But that’s when you start searching again.

  4. I think that the Youngers should use the $10,000 by paying paying partly for Beneatha’s college education and saving the rest of it so that they will be able to have something to fall back on in case things go bad. They should also start paying for another life insurance policy for mama for around $100,000 and you know. Make it look like an accident.

    1. It’d be smart to have a backup fund to fall back on. They wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to pay the bills for a very long time.

  5. I think that investing the money into the liquor store is the best idea. I think it’s the best idea because there is a chance the Youngers can get more money.

    1. There is also a chance that it will fail and they would have nothing to show for it. They could at least buy a slightly bigger house so Walter can have his own room with the upcoming baby.

  6. I think they can easily put away some money for the girls college fees and whatever they have left can get a new apartment that is not infested with cockroaches and dirt and all that yucky stuff.

  7. They should invest on the liquor store. Walter missed his chance when his friend went into the dry cleaning business and made a lot of money. This could be the last chance to invest into something and hopefully become rich off of it.

    1. Then there is a chance he won’t make it big though, so wouldn’t investing in Bennie’s college be a little less risky, thus being a better choice?

    2. I agree with this completely. Buying the liquor store may be a gamble but the rewards can be greater than the loss.

  8. I think the best thing for the youngers to do is to help Beneatha with her college funds. I don’t think they should pay for all of her college, but at least half. They should then save the rest of them money, maybe splurge a little on nicer things, but other than that, they should just save it.

  9. I think they family should go on a little mini vacation together to relieve some stress from Mr. Walters death. the mom should pull most the money that’s left after the vacation aside and start working towards a new house and a new start for the family.

    1. I think they family should go on a little mini vacation together to relieve some stress from Mr. Walters death. The mom should pull most the money that’s left after the vacation aside and start working towards a new house and a new start for the family.*

  10. I am quite sure that buying a house with a yard is the best way to spend the money. This is also mama’s money, and since that is what she would like to do, she should be able to spend it how she wants.

  11. I think that Mama should take a chance and invest in the liquor store. Even if things start to go bad he can just sell the liquor store.

  12. they should spend the money on the liquor store that way it gives them an opportunity to maybe get rich.

    1. But what if the liquor store isn’t successful? wouldn’t that mean this wasn’t a correct way to use the money?

  13. The best thing to do in my opinion is to help with Walter’s liquor store and pay for Beneatha’s college. It would be good to do this because the liquor store will help with money now and down the road when Beneatha gets a job as a doctor she can help them out tremendously.

    1. Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus… This is a well thought out idea. I concur with you. You must have been pondering this question for some time to come up with this masterpiece of an idea.

    2. I agree with you because like you said the liquor store will help them with the rest of their problems.

  14. I think the best way to spend the 10,000 dollars is to buy a new house. This way the family has more room and a cleaner place to live.

    1. I don’t think a bigger house would really help them. Yes they would have more rooms, but what else would it do for the family?

  15. I feel that they all have bad ideas the except for mama because buying a house is better in the long run fore all of them.

  16. To me, the best option is to use the money to raise Ruth’s baby. Most characters aside from Ruth herself make it clear that they want her to keep her baby. Since there will most likely be money leftover, they should use the rest of the money to buy a decent house that they can all live in.

    1. Hello Hannah,
      I think that you brought up some very excellent points. I agree with you that investing in Ruth’s baby is the best way to go.

  17. I think that the Younger Family should buy a new house and kick out Benny. With the money that they save not feeding Benny their lives will be easier. Buying a house is the best idea because the place they currently reside in is less than sub-par.

    1. That would be very mean and if Bennie happens to become a doctor would not she be able to help provide as well? This would perhaps would be a better investment instead instead of losing Bennie. Although I do agree that they should buy a new house.

  18. The best idea in my opinion is to invest in the liquor store. The reason being is that if the store is going to do well, they will double, if not triple their money. This could really help the family out in the long run.

    1. Yeah it could go well with the Liquor store, but what if it doesn’t and they are worse than they were before?

  19. I think the best way to spend the $ 10,000 is to pay for the daughters college. So she can complete college, and they wont have to worry about making those payments for a while.

    1. What if the daughter doesn’t want to pay for her family especially since she already fights with them now. Also who knows when she’ll get a good job to be able to support herself and 4 others.

  20. The Youngers have a lot of different options, however I believe Walter should get the money for his investment. I say this because the liquor store will make them more money, and people need their alcohol.

    1. I also agree with Zach, because this will make them money in the long run and they can have is much alcohol as they want.

  21. In my opinion, the money should be divided up between the family members, or put towards a new house/apartment/living area. In reality, an abortion is significantly less expensive than raising a child for 18 years. So, if it is about the money, maybe they should let Ruth get the abortion and the rest of the money can be used for other more important things.

  22. I think the best idea is for them to buy a bigger house for themselves because they deserve to live comfortable and let Travis have a better to grow up in.

  23. I think that the Youngers should invest the money in the liquor store so that way they can make more money later in life.

  24. I believe that the best option is that Ruth and her family has is to use the money is for the new baby on the way. The whole family lives in horrible conditions and needs to live in better environment. They need to focus the money in the family were the biggest chance they have at this point.

    1. Considering that Travis was playing with rats, yeah, I think they need to live in a better environment.

  25. I think the best idea for using the $10,000 is having the money both saving money for Beneahta’s education, and the rest for a house for the family. With the money for getting the house it will be good for the family for living in somewhere that isn’t as disasters as their one they are living in now. With having a baby on the way, it will help the baby to grow up in a more suitable home.

  26. Bennie’s tuition is the most important thing the check could be spent on because 1) being a female college student helps fight social norms on gender and 2) being a doctor would allow Bennie to financially support her family.

      1. But the risk of the liquor store failing to make profit is to great IMO. They should save the money that is not used on Bennie’s college.

  27. I think that a house is a smarter idea then college tuition, i say this because the college is only going to be for one person and not the whole family, yet the house would be for everyone.

  28. I think the money should go to a bigger house with Ruth being pregnant and everyones “sleeping on top of each other.” I think that would be best for the whole family.

    1. I think that is a good idea too. Plus the money would be going towards something that benefits the whole family not just a few.

  29. I believe that the Youngers should spend the $10,000 check on investing in the liquor store. Investing in the liquor store could go really well for them and they could gain more money than the check in just a short amount of time. Then they could buy a house big enough for the whole family and also help Beneatha with paying for her college education.

    1. Putting the money into the Liquor store doesn’t guarantee that their investment will be a good one. It is a gamble and they might not get much money back from it. They could be throwing all their money down the drain with this option. Plus, if mama did make this decision i’m sure it would cause much controversy between the family, because of the fact that it is an investment for Walter and the rest of the family is left out on the money.

      1. You have a good point with that, they could lose their money by investing in the Liquor store if it doesn’t do good.

  30. The Younger’s should save the money and buy a new home, because Travis is sleeping in the living room and he is not getting the right amount of sleep that he needs because he is so young. If they have anything left over then they should put that in savings and not touch it until they are as desperate as they are now for money again. They should be really careful with the money that they have left over.

  31. Knowing that Walter Sr. strongly cared about all his children i believe that the money shouldn’t go towards something that benefits one more than the other. Beneatha needs to figure out her situation; relying on money from her family is not a good idea. Putting the money into a new place for all of them is a great idea, but with their incomes they hardly have enough money to pay for the place they live in now and keep up with other financial situations. Therefore, they should try to find a new place for all of them, but they shouldn’t plan on getting a great place and use the money left over for a new car so they aren’t paying for public transportation, and they can have more options available for travel.

  32. Based upon my intellectual capacity and knowledge of money I have determined that the best use of the money is to save half for a rainy day and give $2500 to each of mamas children

  33. The best idea on how to spend their money is to invest in a new house. I believe they should buy a house with the money because their house is not exactly suitable to live in considering they have to spray for pesticides all the time, Travis sleeps on the couch, Ruth is having a baby , and they even share rooms with each other. They need a new house. Its the best thing for their family since they all have to live together in that small house because they can’t afford their own houses.

  34. I feel that the best way for the Youngers to use the 10,00 dollars would be to either invest in Walters liquor store, or save it for Beneatha’s college fund. Either way, the Youngers will have to wait for a quite some time before they actually can make a decent living.

  35. I think that it would be smart to put a portion of the money away as a back up plan and give some, not all, to bennie for her college and also start looking for a bigger house or apartment that they all can live in and be more comfortable in. And for Walter he had his chance with the dry cleaner thing to make more money and be able to support his family but didn’t go for that opportunity, he’s risking 10k on a liquor store that might not even be successful and who knows these people that want to be in the business with Walter might not even do there part in putting in money to opening the liquor store with him and he could lose all the money that his mom had and now what?

  36. I think using the bigger house is a better idea, because Ruth is having a baby and they need more room.

  37. From the evidence provided in the book, purchasing the house will in the long run be the best choice for the Younger’s. Buying a house would allow the Youngers to reach a state of stability and provide them with a sense of pride that they may have been lacking. A new house would provide more space and a generally nicer environment.

    1. I agree. Since the house would be payed for already the dad could save his money with some hard work and potentially buy into his liquor store.

  38. The family should spend the money on a new house. I do not think they spend the full amount on a new house. If they decide to use the money to move it should be a house that is better than their current living situation, but not too expensive. If they spend all of the money on a house then they will still barely be able to take care of their family.

  39. I think buying the house would be the best way to spend the money because they have a lot of people living in the small house with the rats and cockroaches.

  40. Mama’s idea was the best because, I felt that that idea was the most applicable for all of the family, and it would help them out considerably later down the road.

  41. I think they should help support Benetha in going to Medical school. I think that would help benefit her future and help benefit the family as well.

  42. I think that the best way for the Younger’s to spend their money is to buy a house and put the rest away for Beneatha’s college. They are in a bad situation with their house. They don’t have enough rooms for their family to live in and there is the potential for a new baby on the way. The house is too small for them and I think that a new house would do them great. They should also save some of their money and put it towards Beneatha’s college. This would ensure her a good start to her future and a good life. If the dad continues to work hard and save some money (since they have a new house now) he could potentially go in shares to the liquor store.

  43. I think they should buy a house and put another portion of the money away for things that they may need and put the rest of it away for Beneatha to go to medical school.

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