About Mrs. Mickson

A short Bio-

I was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. I attended Central Point schools starting in kindergarten and graduated from Crater High School in 1993.  From there, I went to Porterville College in California for two years.  In 1995 I left California to accept athletic scholarships and complete my Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina. After leaving South Carolina in 1998, I began teaching in Rogue River. While there, I also coached middle school and high school volleyball and softball. In 2004, I returned to Scenic Middle School as a teacher and coach.

In 2007, I completed my Master of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in language arts/English.  My teaching license reflects that I am   “Highly Qualified”  to teach in a self-contained classroom through grade eight and in language arts/English, content-specific classes through grade twelve. Basically, I can teach grades 1-12 depending on the content areas and schedule make-up.

At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, budget reductions led to a decrease in staff, resulting in the need to move people around.  Because of my dual qualifications,  I was able to move to an elementary school, a high school, or remain at the middle school.    During  a casual conversation with my principal, I let it be known that I was open to the idea of moving to a high school if the opening existed.  There was an opening at the Crater Academy of Health and Public Service English department.  This is how I ended up at Crater.  It was not a forced move. It is quite the opposite.  I am excited about a change in my career. I spent 13 years teaching middle school.  Personally, I believe it is necessary for educators  to expand their teaching experience and challenge themselves to approach things differently.

PERSONAL INFORMATION:  I married  Jon Mickson, also a Crater graduate, in 2000. In 2003 we welcomed our daughter, Lillian, to our family. She attends school in Central Point, too. I continue to enjoy coaching and playing softball. I also enjoy fishing, boating, camping, gardening, reading, and cooking.  I played roller derby for two years, but the life of a working mom and coach made it impossible for me to be a devoted teammate. I “retired” from the sport in November of 2011. I am still physically active. I enjoy working out and have recently taken up running.  I finished my first half-marathon in September of 2013.  I am a sports fan of almost any kind. I enjoy watching MMA, football, and baseball. I am also a contributor to a small sports information outlet called Maryland Sports Insider.  On Sundays in the fall, you can bet that there will be a football game on, and  I will be checking my fantasy league scores on the computer. My favorite teams include the Oregon Ducks, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Braves, and I still bleed a little Dodger blue.

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