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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

I understand that families today lead busy lives and have many commitments outside of school. Therefore, homework is carefully and thoughtfully assigned so that students receive more practice and reinforcement of concepts and skills presented in the classroom each day. It also prepares students for upcoming lessons, helps them develop positive study skills, and teaches them responsibility and time management skills.

Assignment Calendar
Students will fill out a daily assignment calendar in class. We do this together, both to focus the kids on what assignments they need to complete and turn in, and to give parents an idea of what we are doing in class. The kids are responsible to write down what we did and whether or not it is homework. Unfinished work from class needs to be completed at home as homework. They will also record their reading and math minutes, and parents need to sign/initial their minutes. These need to be signed and turned in on Mondays.

Reading is the biggest piece of your child’s daily homework. He/She should read a MINIMUM of 20 minutes each night. This can be silent reading, or reading aloud to an adult or sibling. Please fill out the Assignment Calendar with the title of the book they read and how many minutes they read, and then initial or sign the calendar.

Rocket Math (Math Facts)
Memorizing multiplication and division facts will make everything we do with math soo much easier for your child. Our math facts program requires that students verbally practice their facts before taking a one-minute test. The program is broken into smaller increments so each practice and test covers only four new facts at a time. Research has shown that this supports better retention of the facts. Each night your child will bring home flash cards to practice for the test the next day. They will keep these cards in the right hand pocket in their homework folder. Please encourage/help him or her to verbally practice their facts for 5 minutes each night.

Unfinished Work
If students do not finish their work in class, I will send it home to be completed. They need to complete it at home and turn it in to class the following day. Sometimes unfinished work can be a paper assignment, other times it may be an IXL assignment. I will also send notices about missing work on Mondays.

IXL is a comprehensive math review site with an unlimited number of math practice questions in hundreds of skills. IXL is also an excellent source to prepare for the state test in the spring. Please record the minutes of IXL completed at home on their assignment calendar. I ask the kids to work on IXL for at least 5 minutes a night. I assign some specific IXL skills, which I will tell you about on class dojo and on Monday notes. I honestly don’t care what skills they work on outside of the assigned ones. Any skills they work on in the 4th grade level will help them improve their math. If a skill seems too hard, you can always have them work on a lower grade or different skill. I consider scores of 80 to be completed.

Moby Max
Moby Max is another great site that kids can use at home to practice skills. They have math, but they also have language and grammar, reading, and science. I love this site because it adjusts to your child’s needs and they move at their own pace through the skills. It is completely customized to them. They are also rewarded by earning game time on the site by practicing skills. If you are looking for extra practice on anything, Moby Max is an excellent place to go. If your child wants to practice their math facts here instead of using their flashcards, that is a great option as well. Please record on their assignment calendar any time they complete at home.

Monday Notes
I will send home a Monday note every Monday. It will have a current view of overall scores for homework, tests & quizzes and assignments. These scores can change dramatically from one day to the next as assignments are entered. The important parts of the Monday note are where I let you know what we have been working on in class, if your child has missing assignments, and any upcoming events. Please check and sign the Monday notes every week, help your child stay on top of collecting and completing missing work, and turning them in by Friday. Monday notes are mainly a source of communication, so that I can keep you informed about what is going on in class, how your child is doing, and if they are missing any assignments.

Parent’s Homework Responsibilities:
Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children. As a parent, you can help your child be successful by making homework a top priority, providing necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, setting a daily homework time, providing praise and support, not letting your child avoid doing homework, and contacting me if you notice a problem. If your child has attempted a homework assignment and is having trouble completing it, please write me a note or let me know and I will work with your child to understand the assignment the following day. I do NOT want kids working on something for hours and crying and feeling frustrated. If there is a problem, please let me know so I can help.

Important communication will be sent home on the left side of the homework folder. Please keep an eye out for these as they may require information from you, approval to participate in school activities, or notes about your child’s behavior in class. Students are required to return their homework folder to school every day. Please help your child remember!

Thanks so much for your support! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Melissa McNeil melissa.mcneil@district6.org 494-6500 – school

The fastest way to reach me is on class dojo, because it is on my phone and I can see it and respond fairly quickly.

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