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Reading Minutes, Math Objectives, and PE Fitness Laps

Reading Minutes Leaders:

Oziel-4988, Nicholas H.-4145, Savannah-2335, Lexi-1935, Meyah-1890, Hannah-1415, Yasmin-1384, Adrien-1215, Sadie-1156, lauren-1110, Beau-1045, Tyler-1040, Alax-956, Nicholas R.-932, Alex-924, Mack-920, Levi-885, Rylee-779, Wyatt-770, Kale-650, Brandon-592, Jordan-585, Shawn-565, Rosa-535, Josh-400, Abby-380, Megan-195, Gabi-150, Tanner-120, Cole-75, Cameron-40, Salvador-30, Eva-0, Anthony-0.

Math Objective Leaders:

Jordan-75, Tyler-75, Lauren-62, Beau-56, Abby-54, Oziel-52, Lexi-52, Savannah-52, Sadie-51, Levi-48, Nicholas H.-48, Adrien-45, Alax-41, Brandon-39, Yasmin-38, Rylee-38, Meyah-38, Wyat-32, Mack-31, Alex-30, Tanner-29, Josh-27, Shawn-22, Kale-18, Anthony-17, Hannah-15, Rosa-13, Nicholas R.-13, Eva-13, Sal-10, Gabi-10, Megan-9, Cole-8, Cameron-2.

PE Lap Log:

Oziel-86, Hannah-46, Adrien-85, Lauren-53, Rosa-52, Josh-54, Kale-55, Yasmin-96, Nicholas H.-88, Tanner-92, Levi-72, Jordan-76, Alax-63, Mack-57, Wyatt-70, Rylee-62, Cole-84, Abby-71, Brandon-75, Shawn-86, Alex-86, Lexi-79, Beau-84, Nicholas R.-55, Gabi-53, Sadie-66, Anthony-75, Savannah-61, Cameron-61, Meyah-65, Megan-65, Tyler-72, Eva-56.

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Math and Reading Leaders

Our current math objective leaders are:

Jordan-67; Tyler-64; Lauren-56; Abby-51; Beau-50; Sadie-49; Oziel-48; Savannah-48; Levi-45; Nicholas-43; Lexi-43; Adrien-41; Alax-37; Yasmin-36; Rylee-36; Brandon-35; Meyah-35; Wyatt-32; Alex-30; Tanner-29; MacKenzie-27; Josh-25; Shawn-22; Kale-18; Anthony-17; Hannah-15; Nicholas R.-13; Rosa-11; Sal-10; Gabi-10; Megan-9; Eva-9; Cole-8, Cameron-2.

Our current reading minutes leaders are:

Oziel-4508; Nicholas H.-3605; Savannah-2095; Lexi-1775; Meyah-1720; Hannah-1305; Yasmin-1249; Adrien-1090- Lauren-1050; Sadie-1021; Tyler-945; Beau-920; Nicholas R.-902; Alax-881; Levi-865; Mack-820; Alex-760; Wyatt-730; Rylee-689; Kale-625; Jordan-585; Brandon-549; Shawn-540; Rosa-535; Abby-380; Josh-375; Megan-175; Gabi-150; Tanner-120; Cole-75; Cameron-40; Salvador-30; Eva-0; Anthony-0.

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Weekly Table Winners, Reading Log and Math Totals

I apologize for not updating this weekly. This week, Table 2 won the competition for table points. The kids earn points by following directions, working together, and being safe, respectful and responsible as a team. Congratulations to Table 2, or Shawn, Yasmin, Nicholas H., Rylee, Wyatt, Savannah, Beau and Sadie! Last week, Table 5 won. Table 5 has been dominating in this competition… they have been winning every week! Congratulations to Table 5, or Hannah, Josh, Rosa, Brandon, MacKenzie, Cole, Jordan and Salvador!

Our Reading Log totals are: Oziel-4028, Nicholas H.-3380, Savannah-1895, Lexi-1575, Meyah-1525, Hannah-1175, Yasmin-1059, Adrien-990, Lauren-960, Sadie-886, Tyler-845, Levi-825, Nicholas R.-820, Beau-820, Alax-730, Alex-730, MacKenzie-695, Wyatt-650, Rylee-624, Kale-575, Jordan-550, Shawn-540, Rosa-535, Brandon-495, Abby-350, Josh-325, Gabi-150, Tanner-120, Cole-75, Salvador-30, Megan-30, Cameron-20, Eva-0, Anthony-0

Math Objective Totals: Jordan-60, Tyler-60, Lauren-54, Beau-50, Abby-47, Savannah-47, Oziel-46, Levi-45, Sadie-44, Nicholas H.-41, Lexi-40, Adrien-38, Alax-37, Rylee-36, Yasmin-34, Brandon-33, Meyah-33, Wyatt-32, Alex-30, Tanner-29, Mackenzie-27, Josh-25, Shawn-22, Anthony-17, Kale-16, Hannah-15, Nicholas R.-13, Salvador-10, Rosa-10, Megan-9, Eva-9, Cole-8, Gabi-6, Cameron-2.

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Math Objective and Reading Minutes Leaders

I apologize for not updating this for a while!

Math Objectives Passed

Katryna-173, Kirsty-168, Brady-154, Carlee-143, Maddie-112, Madison-109, Luke-96, Melissa-77, Dylan-68, Patricia-67, Rachel- 67, Leo-63, Ally-56, Jayda-43, Clarizza-39, Yareli-38, Victor-38, Humberto-30, Cielo-29, Tony-29, John-27, Matt-27, Falon-25, Devin-22, Anthony-20, Kayla-20, Dominic-18, Isaac-12, Harry-8

Reading Minutes

Dylan-6716, Melissa-6591, Leo-5262, Kirsty-4256, Maddie-3140, Madison-3024, Brady-2970, Katryna-2754, John-2296, Matt-2291, Clarizza-2189, Rachel-2179, Humberto-2159, Carlee-1915, Yareli-1913, Luke-1898, Patricia-1656, Tony-1642, Devin-1625, Kayla-1486, Falon-1332, Ally-1107, Harry-684, Anthony-681, Isaac-385, Dominic-223, Cielo-181, Jayda-25, Victor-0.

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Math Objective and Reading Leaders

Math Objectives:

Congratulations to Carlee and Brady, who passed all of the Colts Math Objectives, and have moved on to the BeavDucks!

Year Totals:

Katryna-146, Carlee-122, Kirsty-105, Brady-114, Madison-87, Melissa-65, Maddie-62, Luke-61, Dylan-56, Rachel-52, Patricia-50, Leo-48, Ally-46, Wyatt-45, Cody-43, Jayda-41, Humberto-29, Yareli-27, Clarizza-26, Falon-25, Cielo-24, Matt-22, Anthony-20, Tony-20, John-19, Kayla-18, Devon-13, Isaac-13.

Week’s Totals:

Katryna-16, Carlee-8, Brady-19, Ally-6, Wyatt-6, Leo-4, Dylan-3, Madison-3, Jayda-1, Devin-1, Luke-1.

Reading Minutes Leaders:

6716 Dylan
5986 Melissa
5132 Leo
4166 Kirsten
2700 Brady
2621 Maddie
2585 Madison
2440 Katryna
2296 John
2091 Matt
2009 Humberto
1934 Rachel
1894 Clarizza
1748 Luke
1611 Yareli
1555 Carlee
1375 Devin
1366 Kayla
1342 Tony
1227 Falon
1171 Patricia
1107 Ally
0684 Harry
0681 Anthony
0385 Isaac
0223 Dominic
0181 Cielo
0025 Jayda
0 Victor
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Math Objectives, Reading Minutes and PE Lap Leaders

As of February 20

Math Objective Leaders:

This week’s objectives passed: Katryna-11, Brady-16, Kirsty-15, John-14, Melissa-7, Luke-4, Madison-4, Leo-3, Yareli-3, Humberto-3, Dylan-2, Ally-1, Falon-1, Carlee-1, Isaac-1.

Current Totals:

Katryna-139, Carlee-112, Kirsty-105, Madison-83, Brady-80, Melissa-65, Maddie-62, Luke-60, Dylan-53, Rachel-52, Patricia-50, Leo-44, Ally-41, Jayda-40, Wyatt-39, Humbert0-29, Yareli-27, Clarizza-26, Falon-25, Cielo-24, Matt-22, Anthnoy-20, Tony-20, John-19, Kayla-18, Isaac-13, Devin-12.

Reading Minutes

Sylan-6116, Melissa-5496, Leo-4902, Kirsty-4036, Brady-2500, Maddie-2359, Madison-2310, Katryna-2210, John-1986, Matt-1966, Clarizza-1894, Humberto-1879, Wyatt-1812, Rachel-1802, Luke-1628, Carlee-1555, Yareli-1371, Kayla-1356, Tony-1342, Devin-1250, Falon-1207, Ally-1107, Patricia-853, Harry-684, Anthony-631, Isaac-385, Dominic-243, Cielo-181, Jayda-25, Victor-0.

PE Lap Totals

John-161, Anthony-170, Matt-169, Dominic-140, Dylan-240, Leo-194, Harry-144, Cielo-118, Clarizza-93, Melissa-175, Patricia-158, Victor-217, Yareli-124, Maddie-161, Ally-168, Jayda-137, Rachl-181, Devin-193, Kirsty-122, Falon-162, Luke-146, Humberto-143, Katryna-127, Madison-119, Kayla-135, Brady-178, Wyatt-208, Carlee-181, Isaac-182, Tony-117.

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Reading and Math Objective Leaders Feb. 2-6

The top 2 kids at the end of the year get to go out to dinner.  This week we have a new leader!

Dylan-5036, Leo-4687, Melissa-4476, Kirsty-3841, Brady-2325, Maddie-2205, Madison-2135, Katryna-1975, John-1896, Matt-1816, Clarizza-1744, Wyatt-1672, Rachel-1647, Humberto-1629, Carlee-1555, Kayla-1356, Tony-1322, Luke-1203, Falon-1162, Yareli-1141, Ally-1107, Devin-1050, Patricia-743, Harry-684, Anthony-556, Isaac-385, Dominic-203, Cielo-181, Jayda-25, Victor-0.

The top 2 kids in math objectives at the end of the year also get to go out to dinner.

Katryna-110, Carlee-93, Kirsty-81, Madison-66, Brady-59, Maddie-59, Melissa-57, Luke-53, Patricia-50, Rachel-48, Dylan-41, Ally-40, Jayda-40, Leo-36, Wyatt-33, Victor-29, Humberto-26, Yareli-24, Clarizza-23, Matt-22, Cielo-22, Falon-22, Anthony-20, Tony-20, Dominic-16,  Kayla-15, Isaac-12, Devin-8, John-5, Harry-5.

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