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PE Fitness Leaders

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run/walk laps around the school. Each lap is approximately a half mile, and we keep track of how many laps the kids run. Every 10 weeks, we stop to honor the kids who meet different lap milestones.

Topaz Level (60 laps)

Lauren, Rosa, Josh, Kale, Alax, Mack, Rylee, Nicholas R., Gabi, Sadie, Savannah, Cameron, Meyah, Megan, and Eva.

Sapphire Level (120 Laps)

Oziel, Adrien, Yasmin, Nicholas, Tanner, Levi, Jordan, Wyatt, Cole, Abby, Brandon, Shawn, Alex, Lexi, Beau, Anthony, Meyah, and Tyler.

Fantastic Job!

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Reading Minutes, Math Objectives, and PE Fitness Laps

Reading Minutes Leaders:

Oziel-4988, Nicholas H.-4145, Savannah-2335, Lexi-1935, Meyah-1890, Hannah-1415, Yasmin-1384, Adrien-1215, Sadie-1156, lauren-1110, Beau-1045, Tyler-1040, Alax-956, Nicholas R.-932, Alex-924, Mack-920, Levi-885, Rylee-779, Wyatt-770, Kale-650, Brandon-592, Jordan-585, Shawn-565, Rosa-535, Josh-400, Abby-380, Megan-195, Gabi-150, Tanner-120, Cole-75, Cameron-40, Salvador-30, Eva-0, Anthony-0.

Math Objective Leaders:

Jordan-75, Tyler-75, Lauren-62, Beau-56, Abby-54, Oziel-52, Lexi-52, Savannah-52, Sadie-51, Levi-48, Nicholas H.-48, Adrien-45, Alax-41, Brandon-39, Yasmin-38, Rylee-38, Meyah-38, Wyat-32, Mack-31, Alex-30, Tanner-29, Josh-27, Shawn-22, Kale-18, Anthony-17, Hannah-15, Rosa-13, Nicholas R.-13, Eva-13, Sal-10, Gabi-10, Megan-9, Cole-8, Cameron-2.

PE Lap Log:

Oziel-86, Hannah-46, Adrien-85, Lauren-53, Rosa-52, Josh-54, Kale-55, Yasmin-96, Nicholas H.-88, Tanner-92, Levi-72, Jordan-76, Alax-63, Mack-57, Wyatt-70, Rylee-62, Cole-84, Abby-71, Brandon-75, Shawn-86, Alex-86, Lexi-79, Beau-84, Nicholas R.-55, Gabi-53, Sadie-66, Anthony-75, Savannah-61, Cameron-61, Meyah-65, Megan-65, Tyler-72, Eva-56.

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Math Objectives, Reading Minutes and PE Lap Leaders

As of February 20

Math Objective Leaders:

This week’s objectives passed: Katryna-11, Brady-16, Kirsty-15, John-14, Melissa-7, Luke-4, Madison-4, Leo-3, Yareli-3, Humberto-3, Dylan-2, Ally-1, Falon-1, Carlee-1, Isaac-1.

Current Totals:

Katryna-139, Carlee-112, Kirsty-105, Madison-83, Brady-80, Melissa-65, Maddie-62, Luke-60, Dylan-53, Rachel-52, Patricia-50, Leo-44, Ally-41, Jayda-40, Wyatt-39, Humbert0-29, Yareli-27, Clarizza-26, Falon-25, Cielo-24, Matt-22, Anthnoy-20, Tony-20, John-19, Kayla-18, Isaac-13, Devin-12.

Reading Minutes

Sylan-6116, Melissa-5496, Leo-4902, Kirsty-4036, Brady-2500, Maddie-2359, Madison-2310, Katryna-2210, John-1986, Matt-1966, Clarizza-1894, Humberto-1879, Wyatt-1812, Rachel-1802, Luke-1628, Carlee-1555, Yareli-1371, Kayla-1356, Tony-1342, Devin-1250, Falon-1207, Ally-1107, Patricia-853, Harry-684, Anthony-631, Isaac-385, Dominic-243, Cielo-181, Jayda-25, Victor-0.

PE Lap Totals

John-161, Anthony-170, Matt-169, Dominic-140, Dylan-240, Leo-194, Harry-144, Cielo-118, Clarizza-93, Melissa-175, Patricia-158, Victor-217, Yareli-124, Maddie-161, Ally-168, Jayda-137, Rachl-181, Devin-193, Kirsty-122, Falon-162, Luke-146, Humberto-143, Katryna-127, Madison-119, Kayla-135, Brady-178, Wyatt-208, Carlee-181, Isaac-182, Tony-117.

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