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Rocket Math Song

My friend Kelly sent me this. It’s a video from her school about rocket math.

Rocket Math Song

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Oregon Student Atlas

On October 3, I had the opportunity to travel to Crater Lake to take a one-day workshop on geography. At the workshop, we were were given a copy of the newly created Student Atlas of Oregon.  I am really excited about using this atlas in the classroom this year. It was created specifically for upper elementary and middle school students, so it is easy for kids to understand. I wanted to share a link with you to the Oregon Geographic Alliance website.  They have the entire atlas posted online. The hard copy that I was given has 48 maps, but there are 83 maps online. I hope you will visit the site with your child, and explore some of the maps of our great state. I can’t pick a favorite! The Forest Fire Risk map is interesting, and the Unusual Place Names and Place Name Origins are both amusing. I like the Natural Hazards ones too! Too many to choose from! I’m a second generation Oregonian, and I learned quite a bit on these maps.

To navigate the page… at the top of the screen click on “atlas”. Then click on “Table of Contents.” To download a map, click on the map name in the table of contents.  There are so many questions to ask the kids… Why do you think the bears aren’t found in South East Oregon? Why are there so many crops in the Willamette Valley? Why do you think there are so many more dams in North West Oregon? Why do you think the huge forest fires from the 1800’s were so much bigger than more recent fires? Reading and interpreting data are essential skills for our kids to learn, and the maps are a really fun way to teach it. 🙂

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Math Connects Website

We are using a math program this year that has an amazing set of online resources, and I wanted to share them with you.  Please scroll down to the “links” section of this page, and click on the math connects link, and you will find tons of resources to help with math at home.  Once you get to the math connects site, select “math” from the left hand column. Then click on the “grade 4” icon.  The screen you are sent to will have chapters and lessons listed. Choose a chapter and lesson to work with, and you will find all sorts of great things… like a multilingual glossary, a math tool chest to work with different skills, activities, and even personal tutors for different skills. This past week I sent home a progress checklist from the first chapter of our math books. That checklist was broken down by individual lessons from each chapter.  Please look at the resources available for extra practice and help for the lessons where your child is in the “beginning” or “developing” stages. I am also working to get a set of codes to access the online version of the book, and as soon as I have that, I will share it with you.  Please let me know if you use this site and what you find useful. Thanks!!!

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