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Reading Log and Math Totals

I haven’t posted these this year, but a few kids asked me to, so here goes….

Reading Log Totals:

Yasmin-17820, Nicholas-11567, Oziel-9756,  Sebastian-4845, Christopher-3630, Sadie-3550, Layla-3390, Hannah-3035, Alax-2738, Kaylee K.-2685, Cody-2254, Adya-2110, Jordan-1895, Emily-1803, Courtney-1645, Lexi-1630, Samantha-1555, Jordyn-1466, Josh-1190, Detrick-1160, Tony-1140, Destiny-1093, Eva-1052, Jason-558, Rosa-395, Brandon-260, Kylan-183, Kaylee N.-180, Dylan-180, Giselle-40.

Accelerated Math Totals:

Nicholas-219. Nicholas has completed 6th grade accelerated math, and is now helping other students correct their mistakes.

Sebastian-125, Dylan-119, Jordan K.-96, Oziel-92, Christopher-81, Samantha-62, Cody-45, Yasmin-41, Kylan-41, Emily-40, Layla-38, Alax-26, Hannah-24, Tony-24, Kaylee K.-24, Sadie-21, Lexi-21, Jordyn-21, Brandon-20, Josh-19, Adya-15, Jason-15, Kaylee N.-13, Rosa-13, Giselle-11, Eva-10, Courtney-4, Detrick-3, Destiny-2.

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