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Math Objectives:

Congratulations to Nicholas H, who completed all of the 4th grade math objectives! He is now working on 5th grade objectives! Great work!

Nicholas H.-265, Jordan-251, Tyler-186, Alax-181, Rylee-181, Oziel-142, Savannah-139, Adrien-114, Meyah-110, Levi-108, Lauren-107, Abby-92, LExi-92, Sadie-87, Yasmin-86, Wyatt-81, Brandon-75, Shawn-69, Mack-63, Alex-63, Tanner-56, Josh-44, Kale-44, Anthony-35, Cole-30, Eva-30, Sal-25, Rosa-24, Hannah-23, Gabi-19, Nicholas R.-16, Cameron-10, Austin-7.

Reading Minutes:

Nicholas H.-14760, Oziel-14296, Savannah-7786, Yasmin-7746, Meyah-6392, Lexi-5924, Sadie-4426, Adrien-3415, Lauren-3385, Tyler-2975, Alax-2973, Levi-2620, Rylee-2538, Mack-2538, Kale-2435, Wyat-1929, Abby-1925, Hannah-1685, Jordan-1225, Josh-1215, Shawn-1115, Alex-1089, Nicholas R.-990, Brandon-755, Rosa-655, Tanner-630, Eva-375, Cameron-275, Gabi-270, Austin-105, Cole-75, Salvador-30, Anthony-0.

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