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Reading Minutes Leaders

Every night on their assignment calendars, kids keep track of how many minutes they read at home. At the end of the year, I take the top two kids to Hometown Buffet for a celebratory dinner. I know with sports and busy lives, sometimes reading can fall by the wayside, but it is so important! If you can’t get much done during the school week, catch up on our cut Mondays or on the weekend. Reading at home will make better readers at school, and will help to make more successful students at middle school, high school and college. Please take the time to read!

Oziel-11556, Nicholas H.-11360, Savannah-6405, Meyah-4892, Lexi-4770, Yasmin-4108, Sadie-3626, Adrien-2905, Lauren-2850, Tyler-2465, Alax-2438, Levi-2235, Mack-2168, Rylee-2121, Kale-1975, Abby-1670, Wyatt-1529, Hannah-1505, Alex-1089, Josh-1015, Shawn-1005, Nicholas R.-990, Jordan-925, Brandon-755, Megan-685, Rosa-655, Tanner-480, Gabi-270, Cameron-245, Eva-220, Sal-30, Austin-0, Anthony-0.

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