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Math Objectives and Reading Minutes

Math Objectives:

Tyler-129, Nicholas-119, Jordan-109, Rylee-107, Savannah-96, Alax-93, Adrien-90, Lauren-89, Levi-80, Lexi-80, Sadie-80, Oziel-78, Meyah-76, Abby-74, Wyatt-66, Brandon-66, Yasmin-60, Mackenzie-53, Shawn-53, Alex-47, Kale-39, Tanner-39, Josh-31, Anthony-27, Eva-27, Hannah-22, Cole-21, Sal-19, Rosa-18, Megan-18, Nicholas R.-16, Gabi-16, Cameron-6.

Reading Minutes:

Oziel-10756, Nicholas H.-10130, Savannah-5520, Meyah-4772, Lexi-4386, Sadie-3411, Adrien-2695, Lauren-2550, Tyler-2225, Alax-2175, Levi-2025, Rylee-1968, Mack-1963, Beau-1770, Kale-1735, Abby-1510, Hannah-1505, Wyatt-1229, Alex-1089, Nicholas R.-990, Jordan-925, Shawn-905, Josh-800, Brandon-755, Rosa-535, Megan-485, Tanner-360, Gabi-270, Eva-220, Cameron-220, Cole-75, Salvador-30, Anthony-0.

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