Miss McNeil’s Class

This Week’s Work

December 1-5


Our seatwork this morning is a spelling page reviewing paper. (wb. 137). After morning music, we will introduce this week’s super sentence, which is a dialogue sentence with the speaker at the beginning of the sentence. Then we will put our imaginative paragraph example in order. We will have our PE run at 8:45. When we come back in from our run, we will have the Happy Smiles dental lesson in our classroom. At 10:00, when kids go to their other reading classes, the remaining students will go to the library and select literature circle books. We will also get our new calendars and they will select their first jobs.  During math, the blue group will correct homework from lesson 4-5 and then do lesson 4-6. Then they will work on accelerated math and then begin their math homework, which is practice/extend lesson 4-6. Green group will start out with review of page 11, #47-54.  Then they will correct homework from lesson 4-5, do lesson 4-6, and then start their homework, practice/reteach lesson 4-6. After lunch, we will do a scientific observation experiment.  At the end of the day, for PE game time, we will practice the Thriller dance. Mrs. Mac’s, Miss Moore’s and our class will be performing the dance at an assembly later in the year, and it will take a lot of practice.


We are going to start our day with rocket math. Then we will practice our super sentences a

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