Week of Sept. 25

WEDNESDAY – warm up: North America Quiz Game

Here is another North America Quiz if you are looking for a change of “scenery.”

Activity – Independent work time –  The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th


TUESDAY – warm-up: Finish your GPA Report if not done then go on to the quiz game linked below.

North America Quiz Game

(Note: Turks and Caicos (UK) St. Pierre (FR) and Bermuda (UK) will NOT be on the final)

Lesson: Peer Critique – Be Kind – Be Helpful – Be Specific

Activity – The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th

MONDAY – warm up: calculate your GPA and make a plan for fixing any D’s or F’s.

Time Zones – See Google classroom for the time zone map worksheet and an article to help us understand time zones.

If not finished in class it is homework.

Week of Sept. 18

THURSDAY – Warm-up: review your facts for latitude and longitude so you can score points playing Jeopardy!

Activity: Jeopardy Review Game

Study for the quiz tomorrow!!



WEDNESDAY -Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Today’s activity – practice your latitude and longitude skills with this worksheet. It will be extremely important that you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the directions. USE YOUR RESOURCES!! This is HOMEWORK if not finished in class.

page 2

page 8-9

textbook pg 4-5

Latitude and Longitude Facts

Understanding Latitude and Longitude – the Global Grid

Latitude and Longitude for Kids

Print the worksheet and directions linked below.

Lat Long World Worksheet


TUESDAY – Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Lessons – videos covering latitude/longitude and revolution/rotation (linked on Monday’s post)


MONDAY – Warm up – check your grades in Synergy – write out a plan to correct any low grades by Friday.

The warm up the rest of this week is to practice your latitude and longitude location skills.

Use this site to practice your treasure hunting skills (a.k.a. latitude and longitude)

Lessons today – finish our vocabulary page; then a question and answer session to clarify terms.



absolute location An exact location on the planet with a physical address or latitude/longitude coordinates
relative location The location of any place “relative” to another better known place or landmark using distance and direction.
hemisphere One half of the globe; can be split into east and west at the Prime Meridian or north and south at the Equator
cardinal directions north, east, south, and west; abbreviated N. E, S, and W
intermediate directions The points on the compass rose that lie halfway between each cardinal direction. They are northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest; abbreviated NE, SE, SW, and NW
revolution The earth revolves around the sun; it takes 1 year (365 ¼ days) to make one revolution.
rotation The earth spins on its axis; it takes approximately 24 hrs to make one rotation.
geographic zones The latitudinal zones that separate the earth into warm, temperate, and frigid zones.

We did not get to any of what is below here today – we will cover it tomorrow.

A simple explanation of latitude and longitude with Dr. Nagler.

How to use latitude and longitude from How Stuff Works.

Interesting article on how the Prime Meridian was established at Greenwich, England.

These two videos cover rotation and revolution.

Crash Course Kids 8.1

Science Videos for Kids


Week of Sept. 11

FRIDAY – Today we took the quiz on continents, oceans and North America. If you were absent, make this up when you get back.

We also took notes on the Physical Earth Vocabulary. See the notes below to copy and paste them into your notes:


latitude horizontal lines;  measures distance north or south from the Equator.; measured in degrees; 90° total from the Equator to the poles.;  also known as parallels.
longitude vertical lines; measures distance east or west of the Prime Meridian;measured in degrees;180° total east or west of  the Prime Meridian; also known as meridians
parallels Another name for lines of latitude
meridians Another name for lines of longitude
Equator The zero° line of latitude; divides the north and south hemispheres
Prime Meridian The zero° line of longitude; divides the east and west hemispheres
Tropic of Capricorn The latitude line 23.5° south of the Equator; it is the farthest point south that the sun will be directly overhead.
Tropic of Cancer The latitude line 23.5° north of the Equator; it is the farthest point north that the sun will be directly overhead.
degrees The unit of measure (angles) for latitude and longitude; there are 69 miles in a degree of latitude.
minutes A smaller unit of measure for lat/long; there are 60 minutes in a degree
seconds An even smaller unit of measure for lat/long; there are 60 seconds in each minute
coordinates The lat/long values that intersect to give an absolute location on Earth.


THURSDAY – warm  up World Geography Games / Continents and Oceans 100% 1x each and name the 3 countries and the world’s largest island pictured in the map below. These will be on tomorrow’s quiz.


Thursday cont – Today we will continue to work on our latitude and longitude vocabulary. See the links below in Wednesday’s post.

WEDNESDAY – warm up – World Geography Games

Today we begin exploring the vocabulary related to latitude and longitude. Use the links below to read for the meaning of each word. Make sure you EXPLAIN  the meaning well enough that you understand the FULL meaning. The document to fill out – The Physical Earth Vocabulary-  is in Google Classroom.

textbook pg 4-5

Latitude and Longitude Facts

Understanding Latitude and Longitude – the Global Grid

Latitude and Longitude for Kids



TUESDAY – warm up – World Geography Games

Pretest – Latitude and longitude – see Google Classroom (GC)

“Old School” latitude and longitude song

“New School” latitude and longitude song

See link below for our textbook explanation for Earth’s hemispheres and latitude and longitude lines.

textbook pg 4-5


MONDAY – Today we will activate our Synergy Vue accounts. Steps to success:

  • Go to the Scenic website
  • Click on Synergy Vue
  • Choose “I am a Student”
  • Click on “I have an activation key”
  • Click on “I Accept”
  • Fill in your first and last name and your activation key – assume it is case sensitive.
  • Click on “Continue to Step 3”
  • Enter your username and password (2x)


Once you have finished logging-in you can explore your Synergy account for a while…

This week’s warm up is the Continents and Oceans quizzes. Click on the link below to get there. You might want to bookmark it since you’ll be there at the beginning of class all week.

World Geography Games

Once at the site you will have to……

Click here to Start Flash Player – Then click on Allow

After the warm-up, you have the remainder of the class to finish your Scenic Culture Poster; hand it in.


Week of Sept. 4th

WEDNESDAY – Today we authenticated our District6 technology accounts. Now the students will be able to access ALL of the technology tools at their disposal!!!!

TUESDAY – This is a special day for the 6th grade students….a day to get acquainted and settle in for a great year at Scenic Middle School. The day went very well. We had a welcome assembly to meet the Scenic Staff and compete in a rousing game of “Hungry Hippo.” The Green Team was victorious!!!

Things to think about:

The Green Team policies sheet should be gone over at home and signed by both a guardian and the student. Return it to their Friday 8th period teacher by this Friday!!

Tomorrow is a late start. Students should not be on campus until 9:00 a.m. at the earliest. on ALL WEDNESDAYS.

Week of May 30 to June 2


TUESDAY – The geography quiz this week is the countries of the Middle East.

Middle East Quiz Game

Our learning focus this week is land navigation and how to use a compass. The links below may help students go more in depth or refresh their memories.

Magnetic North vs. True North or Geographic North

Magnetic Declination

Compass 101 – How to use a compass This is a YouTube video. Students will not be able to watch this at school.

How to use a compass


Week of May 22nd

FRIDAY – Asia Quiz #3 – Central Asia: Go to Google Classroom to take the quiz.

Click here if you want to  attempt to exempt.

Wayfinders – A Pacific Odyssey documentary video.


MONDAY – Warm up: Central Asia and Russia (use the region named Former USSR). Quiz this Friday!

Asia Quiz Games

Today we will continue work on our Polynesian Culture unit. See the post below for instructions.

We experienced some “glitches” last week when trying a new platform for presentations. If all the members of your group ARE ABLE to access Prezi Next, then you can use that platform for your presentations. If all members ARE NOT ABLE to access this software and collaborate on a presentation, then you must use Google Slides. Sorry….it’s just the way it is.


Week of May 15th

FRIDAY – Today we downloaded and explored software that will aid in our presentations next week.

You will need to load Prezi. There are a few steps to verify and begin to use Prezi.

  1. Click on free version
  2. Enter you student email and click Verify.
  3. Enter the school details – (Scenic Middle School – Central Point – www.district6.org/sms/)
  4. Check the box at the bottom confirming you are at this school
  5. Close the educational licence registration box
  6. Open a new tab and go to your school email
  7. When you receive an email from Prezi, click on the verification LINK they send you.


WEDNESDAY – Warm up – East Asia and South Asia quizzes. QUIZ THIS FRIDAY!!

Today we are launching a new project – The Oceania Research Project. Students will work in groups of 3 to 4 to share the research, writing, and presentation responsibilities. The project connects the curriculum of English Language Arts and Social Studies as students are currently reading the novel Call it Courage, which is set in the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Groups will have a total of six school days to complete the project. Presentations will be on Thursday, May 25th.

Research Links


The Pacific Islands

The Pacific Ocean and Its Islands

Encyclopedia Britannica – The Pacific Islands

Polynesian Culture (general)

Encyclopedia Britannica – Polynesian Culture

Polynesian Mythology

Polynesian Mythology

Maori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories

Polynesian Tattoo Art

PBS Site on Polynesian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo History

Zealand Tattoo

History of Polynesian Tattoo


PBS Site on Wayfinding – VERY good site.

On Wayfinding – Nainoa Thompson

The Era of Settlement


The Truth About Cannibalism – (abridged version)

The Era of Settlement (SKIP TO THE SECTION about Neolithic Society)

Cannibalism: Normal for Early Humans?

An Eye for an Eye: Cannibalism in the South Pacific

Pacific Islands Report: The Sacred Value Of Cannibalism In Fiji

Week of May 8th

TUESDAY – Warm-up: Southeast Asia

Finish up Venn diagrams in order to start a Comparative Essay tomorrow. If the Venn is not completed today IT IS HOMEWORK.

MONDAY – We begin a new quiz series this week. The first region students should practice for daily warm-up is Southeast Asia.

This week’s learning target is “…compare and contrast the world’s five major religions.”

Step One: Prepare two Venn diagrams. The first one is a two way Venn featuring the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism; the second is a three way Venn featuring Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

If you missed class, watch this compare and contrast video to better understand the concept of compare and contrast. The Venn diagrams will serve as a pre-write exercise for your compare and contrast essay.



Week of April 24th

MONDAY – THURSDAY: Mr. D is out of the classroom these four days, so there will not be daily updates to the class blog.

Europe Quiz series: this week’s Friday quiz will be on Southeastern Europe. Students will have 7-10 minutes a day at the beginning of class to practice for the quiz. Click here for Europe Quiz Series.

Governments of the World flip book: this is your #1 priority this week. The final product is due on Thursday. Directions are posted in GC.

Governments and Economies final exam is on Friday!! Once you finish with your flip book you can make “cheat notes” for the test. Directions are posted on GC. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CLOSELY OR YOU MAY NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR NOTES DURING THE TEST!!!!!

Have a great week!! See you on Friday. BE GOOD TO THE SUB 🙂


Week of April 17

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Activity 1: Read the article “Super Bowl 2014: What drives the price of Super Bowl tickets?,” and then fill in the graphic organizer posted in GC.

Activity 2: Earn bonus points by describing how supply and demand affects the price of tickets to San Francisco Giants’ baseball games


TUESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Review: Types of Government and Sectors of the Economy

Activity 1: Debrief yesterday’s classroom activity – What’s a Supply For?

Activity 2: The Hudsucker Proxy – this short video clip illustrates part of the law of supply and demand. Your task is to explain which part. Question posted in GC.

Activity 3: Follow up video clip to Hudsucker Proxy – EconPop – The Economics of The Hudsucker Proxy explains supply and demand and how it relates to labor as well. Follow up question posted in GC.



MONDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

We began today with a review of types of governments – communism, fascism, and socialism. This was followed by a discussion that these are really economic systems that have become synonymous as types of governments. This served as a segue into this week’s focus of study….

LEARNING TARGET: I can explain a basic principal Capitalism, or a free market economy – the law of (to be announced later).

Activity 1: Quick write – After viewing the sales posted for winter apparel on the Columbia Sportswear site, answer the following question in GC. Why do the retailers choose to give drastic markdowns to the consumer on selected clothing only?

Activity 2: What’s a Supply For? This activity is linked on GC. If it is not finished during class it is homework.