Week of Nov. 20th


Warm up: Prepare for Western Hemisphere Final on Wednesday.

Activity: Students have both of these days in class to wrap up their essays on a Native American culture group. Anything not completed by the end of the day Tuesday IS HOMEWORK!!

Week of 11/13/17

MONDAY – Warm up – GPA report

Activity – This entire week, we are working on a very big project – THE DIGITAL ARCHAEOLOGIST – which is posted in Google Classroom. The final due date for the project is November 28th with presentations to take place on 11/29 and 11/30.

See the entry from last week below for links to good research sites.


Warm-up  – We have the end of the trimester test on Wednesday, November 22nd. Linked below is a practice map. If you can point to each dot and say the name of that feature, you will ace the test!

Western Hemisphere Political Map

Lesson – A short explanation of the expectation for the written portion of the project. See Mr. D if you were absent.

Activity – Students are researching for their Native American reports. Notes should be completed by Thursday at the latest so the written portion can start on Friday.


Warm-up: 10 minutes to quiz one another on Western Hemisphere features linked above.


Activity: Class time to research and collect notes for your writing.




Week of November 6th

MONDAY – Warm up – South America Quiz Game

Activity – Collecting facts for paragraphs; write your paragraphs. DUE  by WEDNESDAY!!!!

(You will have time in class on Tuesday, but it’s homework that night if not completed.)

TUESDAY – no warm up….get to work on your paragraphs.

  • BEFORE you turn it in…make sure you have no spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.
  • DO NOT share the document with the teacher….turn it in in Google Classroom
  • Format the document by indenting paragraphs (tab key), double spacing lines, and highlighting any of our essential vocabulary words.

If you do not finish in class today – IT IS HOMEWORK!!

If you finish early and have extra time, check out some of the articles linked in Wednesday’s post below to preview which Native American / Mesoamerican culture you would like to learn more about.

WEDNESDAY – You have 5 minutes to hand in your Early Americans assignment.

Lesson – Taking good notes

Activity – today we begin a new research unit. Please see Google Classroom for the directions.

Links – below are links to articles that have summary information on the various culture regions for Native Americans and Mesoamericans. Keep in mind, these are just starting points. Once you choose the culture you will research, you may have to “DIG” a little deeper to find everything you need.

Below are links to the different culture groups….see what you can “dig” up.


Northwest Coast Culture Area

Tillamook Tribe\

Islands, Mountains, People – Upper Klamath and Modoc tribes

Klamath Tribe


Khan Academy – Culture of the Southwest

Pueblo Tribe


Khan Academy – Culture of the Plains

Legends of America – The Pawnee

Great Plains American Indian Facts

The Pawnee “Stargazers”


Khan Academy – Culture of the Northeast


Khan Academy – Culture of the Southeast

Ancient Historical Society – The Cherokee Tribe

Cherokee History

Southeast Indian Facts

Cherokee Leadership Roles

Cherokee Weapons

Cherokee Clothing


Quick History of the Aztecs– a good introduction

Meso-America Before European Contact

Britannica.com – Aztecs

The Aztecs – A Pre-Columbian History


Ten Interesting Facts about the Mayan Culture


Quick History of the Inca

Inca Civilization


Ducksters – General link for Aztec, Mayan, and Inca

Ducksters – Native Americans – (General link for a variety of Native American cultures)

Native Americans Before 1992 – Brief general information

Encyclopedia.com – Type the name of your tribe into the search box on the site.

Native Americans – A useful introduction to culture groups. Written in a manner easy to understand.


Week of October 30

FRIDAY – Warm up North America Quiz Game – goal 100% 2x

Activity – Writing assignment: Posted in GC. Students will have three days in class to complete the assignment. Please pay attention to the following!

  • Use your own words – even in your “fact notes” portion of the assignment in the graphic organizer. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE WORDS OF OTHERS – especially Mr. D’s!
  • Have a minimum of three facts for each paragraph – four is okay – five is too many.
  • Try to vary the “W’s” in your fact lists – (who, what, where, when, why, how)
  • This is NOT homework for the weekend – we will work on it next week.


THURSDAY – No warm up

Activity – Video – Wayfinders, A Pacific Odyssey

WEDNESDAY – Warm up – read paragraph 9 in the Beringia article.

Activity – read and discuss the article Ancient Portable Toolkit. Posted in GC.

TUESDAY – Warm up – review essential vocabulary. Your goal is to be able to use the vocabulary in your writing at the end of the week.

Activity – read and summarize together the article about the Clovis Culture posted in Google Classroom.

Goal – We are working toward a three paragraph writing assignment at the end of this week. If you miss school this Friday you will have work to make up.

MONDAY – Warm up – review notes from last Tuesday or copy and paste them from below.

Activity – we continued to read the article Beringia, the Lost Territory Where Americans Evolved. See Google Classroom for the notes.



Week of October 23rd

TUESDAY – Warm-up: Review – North America

Goal: 100% x2

Activity: Working in small groups, we will read and summarize the article Beringia, the Lost Territory Where Americans Evolved. If you were absent, you can access the article in GC.

Notes from Tuesday:

Section 1: No subtitle


❡ 1: Article introduction; Beringia was a fertile land mass that was between North America and Asia; foreshadowing of a skull discovered that adds new evidence.
❡ 2: Humans migrated for 10’s of thousands of years prior to coming to the Americas; some came by water on the coastal route; 1000’s came by the land bridge – formed when oceans receded during the last ice age.
❡ 3: Beringia was HUGE!
❡ 4: Humans didn’t just cross the land bridge – they thrived there for as long as 5000 years. It’s under water now.
The “gist:” – Introduces and explains Beringia


MONDAY – Warm up – Review Continents and Oceans

Goal = 100% twice on each quiz.

Lesson: today we returned to our study of how the First Americans arrived. We reviewed our essential vocabulary list (no need to scramble for definitions – they will be given to you). We watched a video titled…of all things….Where Did the First Americans Come From?

Activity: Over the course of several days, we will read and summarize the article Beringia, the Lost Territory Where Americans Evolved. The article and summary worksheet are posted in Google Classroom.

Week of Oct 16th

WEDNESDAY – Warm up: South America Quiz game TEST THIS FRIDAY!!

Lesson: Introducing Dialogue in the Classroom – See GC for the slide show and the articles to prepare for the first discussion on Thursday….Advantages and Disadvantages of student led conferences.

Tool Tip: Google Keep is a great way to annotate articles you find on the internet.

TUESDAY – Warm up: South America quiz games. TEST THIS FRIDAY!!

Review – alphabetizing. Students will need to file their portfolios several times over the next week, so we reviewed how to file alphabetically. No grade.

Activity – Self evaluation/reflection on the Flip Book project.



MONDAY – Warm up: GPA Report. Warm up #2: South America Quiz

South America Quiz game

Use this map to check locations of countries you do not know.

Today we began putting our portfolio folders together to help us get ready for student-led conferences to be held next week.

Week of October 9th

TUESDAY – Warm-up: South America Quiz game

Use this map to check locations of countries you do not know.

Activity: Explore essential vocabulary for the study of “The First Americans.” If absent, see Mr. D for the notes.

MONDAY – Warm up: GPA Report

Activity – How far back does recorded history go?


Poll Everywhere link

Week of Oct 2nd

FRIDAY – Quiz Today! Make up if you were absent. See Mr. D when you get back.

Activity – submit the link to your website – see Mr. D for directions to accomplish this very easy task.

THURSDAY – Same as yesterday 🙂

WEDNESDAY – warm up: North America Quiz Game

Here is another North America Quiz if you are looking for a change of “scenery.”

Use this North America map to check for correct answers.

Activity – Build your digital portfolio site (aka your website). See GC.


TUESDAY – Today was a carbon copy of Monday….see links below.



MONDAY – warm up: North America Quiz Game

Here is another North America Quiz if you are looking for a change of “scenery.”

Use this North America map to check for correct answers.

Activity – Independent work time –  The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th


Go to Google Classroom and find the Google Sites Directions assignment. You may begin on this project.

Week of Sept. 25

WEDNESDAY – warm up: North America Quiz Game

Here is another North America Quiz if you are looking for a change of “scenery.”

Activity – Independent work time –  The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th


TUESDAY – warm-up: Finish your GPA Report if not done then go on to the quiz game linked below.

North America Quiz Game

(Note: Turks and Caicos (UK) St. Pierre (FR) and Bermuda (UK) will NOT be on the final)

Lesson: Peer Critique – Be Kind – Be Helpful – Be Specific

Activity – The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th

MONDAY – warm up: calculate your GPA and make a plan for fixing any D’s or F’s.

Time Zones – See Google classroom for the time zone map worksheet and an article to help us understand time zones.

If not finished in class it is homework.

Week of Sept. 18

THURSDAY – Warm-up: review your facts for latitude and longitude so you can score points playing Jeopardy!

Activity: Jeopardy Review Game

Study for the quiz tomorrow!!



WEDNESDAY -Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Today’s activity – practice your latitude and longitude skills with this worksheet. It will be extremely important that you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the directions. USE YOUR RESOURCES!! This is HOMEWORK if not finished in class.

page 2

page 8-9

textbook pg 4-5

Latitude and Longitude Facts

Understanding Latitude and Longitude – the Global Grid

Latitude and Longitude for Kids

Print the worksheet and directions linked below.

Lat Long World Worksheet


TUESDAY – Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Lessons – videos covering latitude/longitude and revolution/rotation (linked on Monday’s post)


MONDAY – Warm up – check your grades in Synergy – write out a plan to correct any low grades by Friday.

The warm up the rest of this week is to practice your latitude and longitude location skills.

Use this site to practice your treasure hunting skills (a.k.a. latitude and longitude)

Lessons today – finish our vocabulary page; then a question and answer session to clarify terms.



absolute location An exact location on the planet with a physical address or latitude/longitude coordinates
relative location The location of any place “relative” to another better known place or landmark using distance and direction.
hemisphere One half of the globe; can be split into east and west at the Prime Meridian or north and south at the Equator
cardinal directions north, east, south, and west; abbreviated N. E, S, and W
intermediate directions The points on the compass rose that lie halfway between each cardinal direction. They are northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest; abbreviated NE, SE, SW, and NW
revolution The earth revolves around the sun; it takes 1 year (365 ¼ days) to make one revolution.
rotation The earth spins on its axis; it takes approximately 24 hrs to make one rotation.
geographic zones The latitudinal zones that separate the earth into warm, temperate, and frigid zones.

We did not get to any of what is below here today – we will cover it tomorrow.

A simple explanation of latitude and longitude with Dr. Nagler.

How to use latitude and longitude from How Stuff Works.

Interesting article on how the Prime Meridian was established at Greenwich, England.

These two videos cover rotation and revolution.

Crash Course Kids 8.1

Science Videos for Kids