The Travel Agent

UPDATE!! – Rather than have students write 5 paragraphs that might be rushed, we’ve decided to reduce the amount of writing to increase the quality. Students will choose TWO of their attractions to write about instead of five; the writing focus is on following correct capitalization rules.

Our first research unit involves students discovering things to do in a state or in a Canadian province. In this unit students will take on the roll of travel agent. Their task is to find five interesting destinations in the state or Canadian province assigned to them by random drawing. They must write a short paragraph that describes each attraction and create a map to show their location.

The attractions must be in different parts of the state; no two attractions may be in the same city. The attractions may include but must not exceed more than….

One pro sports team
One amusement or water park
One outdoor recreation opportunity, such as biking, camping, fishing, hiking, etc…
One “Roadside Attraction” featured on the website of the same name

Learning Objectives: SWBAT

Research the internet for facts about tourist attractions in a state or province.
Write a paragraph about those interesting places to visit in a state or province.
Use correct rules for capitalization.
Describe the relative location of their destinations.
Create a map with accurate relative location

See the Assignment Calendar for a printout of the assignments and associated points for each as well as the due dates.

As part and parcel of this unit, students will have their first test identifying name and location of places on a map. This test will include the 50 United States and the 13 Canadian provinces and territories. See the assignment calendar for test dates.


They can play the games linked below as their 10 minutes of study!

US States Quiz Game – from Shepard Software – multiple levels of challenge

US States Quiz Game – from I Like to Learn software

Canada Quiz Game from Lizard Point Software

USA and Canada combined map game from

National Geographic jigsaw puzzle – not much for learning the names of the states – but very challenging. Beat Mr. D’s time of 22 min; 28 sec. Choose the puzzle in the top, center position.

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