Week of February 17th


TUESDAY – No Warm up – POP QUIZ – Christopher Columbus

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up: Africa by regions – Use your resources – don’t just guess!!

Activity – Before watching the videos, look at the Silk Road Map to orient your understanding. Notice there are both land and sea routes.

Take out your notes from yesterday.

Draw a line under the notes you took yesterday. Put yesterday’s date in the margin. 2/18/20

While watching part 2 and 3 of  The Chinese Silk Road today, look for more examples of indigenous culture and cultural diffusion.

Write down ANY unknown vocabulary words, “ah ha” moments (connections) or “I wonder” questions that come up.

If you were absent Tuesday or Wednesday, here are the links to the videos.

The Chinese Silk Road – Part I

The Chinese Silk Road – Part II

The Chinese Silk Road – Part III

Columbus Pop Quiz make up information. BEFORE you come in before school or during lunch to retake this quiz, STUDY THIS SHORT TEXT about Columbus. Know everything in here and you may be able to repair your grade.

THURSDAY – Warm-up: Africa by regions – Use your resources – don’t just guess!!

ActivityMarco Polo video – there will be an open note video quiz on Friday.

FRIDAY – Warm up – Take the OPEN NOTE video quiz posted in Google Classroom. (10 minutes)

ActivityA Brief History of the Age of Exploration

Next Project: Choose an explorer to research and prepare a presentation for class. Enter the explorer’s name on the form provided in Google Classroom.

Female Explorers

Explorations – use this link to see where explorers had influence.

Use this Explorer Presentation research guide to get started.




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