Week of October 7th

MONDAY – No Warm up

Activity – quick review of Early Human History Notes

Activity – Introduction of Adopt-a-Country project. This project will run the remainder of the year. Much of the curriculum (what we study) will center around the country you choose on Tuesday. Today we will watch a series of two videos introducing every country in the world. Have a clean sheet of note paper out to jot down some thoughts on what country you would like to become “the expert” on. All students are encouraged to seek advice from adults who may have first hand knowledge of another country in the world.

Every Country in the World – Part 1

Every Country in the World – Part 2

TUESDAY – Warm-up: North America with Central America and the Caribbean.

Activity – Adopt-a-Country claim form in Google Classroom

Activity – Adopt-a-Country Transportation Map directions

Helpful Links

World Atlas.com


Major Waterways of the World (navigable rivers)


Activity – Students have class time to work on the transportation map for their adopted country. They will have Monday to work on the map as well. If not completed by then IT IS HOMEWORK.

Exemplar transportation map for Bolivia:

transportation map example


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