Week of Sept. 30th

MONDAY – Warm up: North America with Central America and the Caribbean.

Activity: Last day in class to work on Forager’s Menu. The Google Classroom written portion is DUE TODAY! The actual menu may be turned in tomorrow.


Activity – Create a spreadsheet that has a chart showing your Geography Knowledge Progress.

Activity – Add the charts to your website aka your Digital Portfolio

WEDNESDAY –  North America with Central America and the Caribbean.

Activity – Mini Lesson: High School and beyond.

THURSDAY – Warm-up: North America with Central America and the Caribbean.

ActivityClick here for directions on how to embed your Geography Knowledge Progress charts to your website.

Activity – update your Early Human History notes.


FRIDAY – No Warm-up. Get your hand written notes out.

Activity – Students should have updated their hand written notes on early human history yesterday. Today, students should add to notes as they make connections while watching and listening to the videos and podcast.

Video 1 –   Migration Khan Academy and the Big History Project produced this video to explain how and when humans (Homo-Sapien) migrated out of Africa.

Podcast – The Story of Beringia – Posted by Biologic The Podcast

Video 2 – Bering Land Bridge Migration Theory

Video 4 – The First Americans

Video 3 – The First Americans Land Bridge Theory – This video goes on to introduce agricultural societies.




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