Week of April 1st

FRIDAY – Warm up – Asia quiz by region.

Activity – We will continue to study the influences on climate. Today we also discussed the best design elements of a quality slide presentation.

TUESDAY Warm up: Middle East РAKA Southwest Asia.

Activity – see Monday’s entry below.

Linked below is an article for advanced readers. It’s loaded with good information, but written at a slightly higher reading level. There is still the Newsela article at grade level posted in the Google Classroom stream, the textbook, and the videos linked below.



MONDAY – Warm up: Middle East – AKA Southwest Asia.

Activity –¬†Collaborate as a group to create a slide presentation that explains the five major influences on climate. Make sure each group member can explain, in detail, HOW and WHY each of the five factors influences climate. Use the classroom text book pp. 41-49 and the article linked in the Google Classroom stream, and the videos linked below BEFORE you attempt any outside Google searches.

Have one group member create the Google Slide presentation and share it with the other members of the group. Put the names of all group members on the title slide and add individual names to the slides you work on. But remember – each member of the group must be able to explain ANY of the five factors.

Slide presentations must be complete by Monday, April 8th.

Weather and Climate

Basics of Geography: Climate

Five Factors that Affect Climate

Climate Influences

Climate Factor Rap

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